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Where Can I Pay Someone to Write My Essay from Scratch?


Whether you are in high school or college, student life can be challenging especially if you have to juggle multiple assignments at the same time. The writing process requires time, creative skills, knowledge of the subject area, and good writing skills. Additionally, you have to keep up with work, family responsibilities, and social life. Instead of getting stressed and anxious, some students prefer to buy essays from professional writing services. 

But where do I get someone to write my essay for me? Professional essay writing websites link you with an expert employed by the company to complete your paper. We have reviewed top-rated websites where you can get trusted essay writers on standby to assist you. Also, read on to explore some of the reasons why you should make the most of essay writing help.

Why Should I Pay Someone to Write My Essay for Me?

1. Save Time

College and high school students have to juggle multiple assignments from different subjects, which leaves little time for other activities. In addition to schoolwork, most students have jobs, families, and social lives that require their time. The responsibilities can leave you little time to work on assignments, hence the need to pay someone to write your assignments.

2. Low Confidence

If you are a freshman in college or an ESL student, you may doubt your ability to write a high-quality essay that meets all the requirements. Doubt arises because a college essay requires planning, creativity, research, referencing, good grammar, and confidence. If you are not confident that you can deliver a good paper, you can pay someone to write your assignment and use it as a reference in future papers.

3. Poor Writing Skill

Writing an essay requires students to understand the correct structure and have exceptional knowledge of the subject matter. The process also requires you to apply creative skills, include useful vocabulary, and have good grammar to connect to the reader. Thus, if you can’t write a good essay, you should consider enlisting a writing service to safeguard your grades.

4. Difficulty level

When the essay is problematic, you can pay an expert to write it for you because they are more experienced and knowledgeable on the subject. Some assignments are also very boring, which can increase the difficulty level. Such papers can leave you worried and stressed, hence the need to work with a reliable and professional writing service.

5. Guaranteed High-Quality Paper

Paying professionals to complete your essay is the surest and easiest way of reaching the highest marks. The writers who work with students have years of professional experience in academic writing. In addition, the writing service companies take the writers through a training course to ensure they produce the best results for learners.

6. The Prices Are Affordable

Even if you are working with a low budget, you will always find a company that offers you help with essays at an affordable price. To ensure you don’t overpay for a paper, place your order early because the price depends on the deadline. You pay more if you wait until the assignment is due in a few hours to place your order.

7. It is Legal

You should hire someone to complete your task because it is completely legal. Essay writing services are authentic companies that operate like any other service company. They ensure that your paper is original, written in a professional format, and high-quality. Also, the companies enforce strict revision rules, confidentiality, and money-back guarantees.

Top-Rated Essay Writing Service Picked by U.S. Students

CustomWritings is a professional online essay writing service with over 15 years of experience in offering custom-written essays for sale to students. The success of the company lies in hand-picking the best experts for each order. The writers prepare each paper from scratch and submit a plagiarism report to confirm originality. What is more, you get unlimited free revisions, 24/7 personal assistance, and a paper report card. Contact this custom writing service today to reach an expert who will help you with the essay.

Other Trustworthy Writing Services You Can Pay Attention to 

  • FastEssay.com. This writing service provides students with quick and professional paper help. The services offered include case studies, reviews, biographies, essays, research papers, dissertations, admission essays, and coursework. You also get a fast turnaround time when you have an urgent paper. The website has a high rating on independent review websites, confirming that its work is top-notch.
  • DoMyEssay.net. This is an essay writing service with over 300 expert writers online anytime to handle your assignments. The team of professional writers prepares original papers upon request at student-friendly rates. You can choose the expert to write your assignment from scratch based on recorded samples and ratings or let the company choose for you. The writing service also offers a discount on your first order, and the more you order, the better the prices get.
  • WriteMyEssays.com. Here is an accountable essay writing service that specializes in big assignments. You have the liberty to discuss directly with the writer how you want the essay presented. In case of any doubts or concerns, there is 24/7 customer support to handle them efficiently. Other assurances include custom papers, free unlimited revisions, anonymous communications, and a money-back guarantee.   
  • AdvancedWriters.com. As the name suggests, it has over 600 proficient writers who have completed over 50,000 orders. The company encourages clients to give detailed instructions to ensure they get the best version of their paper. Order assignments are handled with precision to guarantee quality and on-time delivery. Besides, it guarantees confidentiality and security of your financial and personal information.

How Much to Pay Someone to Write an Essay: Tips Before Paying

Generally, more experienced writing services charge slightly higher than the industry average because their quality is unrivaled. The experts who do your assignments have many years of experience and are knowledgeable in the field. The cost is definitely worth it since you are sure they are legit and you will get a top-grade paper.  

Factors that determine the price of an essay include urgency, the number of pages, academic level, and the type of paper. The price of a standard essay ranges between $11 and $35 per page depending on the urgency and difficulty level. The companies charge the lowest rate for a simple essay with a 14-day deadline, and the highest rate per page for a technical essay that is due in a few hours. Most writing services have a price calculator on their website to help you estimate how much you will pay and decide if the price is affordable.

Although students may want to protect their budget, enlisting a cheap essay writing company puts you at risk of paying twice for the same paper after you get back a plagiarized and low-quality paper that does not follow the instructions provided by the professor. Cheap companies rarely offer money-back guarantees because they cannot guarantee that you will get a top-notch paper. In the end, cheap is not always the best option.