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Super Mario Movie Times: The Movie Review- A Fun and Faithful Adaptation of the Iconic Game

Super Mario Movie Times
Super Mario Movie Times

If you grew up playing Super Mario games, chances are you have wondered what it would be like to watch Mario and his pals on the big screen. Well, look no further because Super Mario Movie Times provides an unforgettable cinematic experience of this iconic game franchise.

Super Mario Movie Times is a live action/CGI hybrid film following Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad on their journey to stop Bowser from taking over Mushroom Kingdom. They encounter familiar enemies, allies and items from games as well as some unexpected twists along their journey – as well as new surprises!

Chris Meledandri, founder and CEO of Illumination Entertainment (the studio that produced Despicable Me and Minions movies), will direct this film. A longtime fan of Super Mario games himself, Meledandri collaborated closely with Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto (creator of Super Mario series) to ensure that this adaptation stays true to their spirit and style.

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Super Mario Movie Times
Super Mario Movie Times

The film boasts an impressive ensemble cast, such as Chris Pratt as Mario, Charlie Day as Luigi, Anna Kendrick as Peach, Keegan-Michael Key as Toad, Jack Black as Bowser, Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong and many others. Additionally, Koji Kondo (composer of game series) provided original music along with remixes and covers of classic tunes to complete its cinematic experience.

The film opens with a prologue outlining the origins of Mushroom Kingdom, an idyllic land where humans and anthropomorphic creatures coexist peacefully. Princess Peach rules over it with her powerful artifact known as Star Rod which grants wishes of those with good hearts – however this artifact has long been desired by King Bowser (an evil turtle-like creature led by Koopas and Goombas), who has attempted many times to invade Mushroom Kingdom but has always been foiled by Mario and Luigi who work as plumbers/heroes!

Mario and Luigi are celebrating their birthday at their apartment in New Donk City, which was inspired by New York. When Peach sends them an invite for the Mushroom Kingdom Festival they decide to go along, taking Toad with them as an attendant working under Peach.

As soon as they arrive at the Mushroom Kingdom, they are welcomed by Peach who gives them a tour around its castle and kingdom. Here they meet Yoshi the friendly dinosaur, Daisy another princess, and Bowser himself who launches an attack against it, kidnapping Peach and taking off with it, eventually using it to turn Mushroom Kingdom into something dark and sinister while creating a giant floating fortress in the sky.

Mario, Luigi and Toad manage to escape Castle Bowser and vow to rescue Princess Peach and stop Bowser. Thus begins an arduous journey across Mushroom Kingdom rife with obstacles and enemies they must overcome on their mission; along the way they meet Rosalina from space station Rosalina who also lives there is Donkey Kong living in jungle; furthermore they discover some secrets regarding its origin as well as between Mario and Bowser which leads them closer together as allies than enemies.

The film culminates in an exciting showdown between Mario and Bowser at Bowser’s fortress, where Mario must use all his courage, skill and creativity to defeat Bowser and save Peach from him. Eventually the Mushroom Kingdom is restored back to its former state while also setting up another adventure for Mario and his friends somewhere else in another world.


Super Mario Movie Times is an engaging and faithful adaptation of the iconic game series that will delight both old and newcomers alike. It captures both its spirit and charm while adding some exciting twists, along with humor. Visually impressive with colorful and detailed animation that brings Mushroom Kingdom alive; filled with action, adventure, comedy set pieces, as well as memorable dialogue. In addition, references and Easter eggs from previous installments of Super Mario can also be found throughout.

This film boasts an outstanding cast of voice actors who deliver captivating performances. Chris Pratt and Charlie Day shine as Mario and Luigi respectively, perfectly embodying their characters’ personalities and accents; Anna Kendrick and Keegan-Michael Key deliver fantastic turns as Peach and Toad, adding some flair and charm respectively; Jack Black shines as Bowser with his menacing yet comical performance, providing unexpected comic relief courtesy of Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong providing some comic relief and unexpected moments!

The film does not exist without flaws, however. The plot is fairly predictable and lacks depth or complexity. Furthermore, it relies heavily on cliches such as damsels in distress, chosen ones and evil overlords; additionally it has some pacing issues where some scenes feel rushed while other appear too dark or silly for its overall mood.

Overall, Super Mario Movie Times is an engaging and faithful adaptation of Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto’s iconic videogame franchise that will delight and amuse audiences of all ages. Fans will adore its faithful recreation while newcomers can gain an introduction. Overall, Super Mario Movie Times stands as a testament to Super Mario games’ evergreen popularity and influence while paying tribute to Nintendo’s legacy through Shigeru Miyamoto’s legacy.


Rating:4 Out Of 5

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is an exciting animated adventure that brings iconic video game characters to life with a stellar voice cast, including Chris Pratt as Mario, Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach, Charlie Day as Luigi, and Jack Black as Bowser. Packed full of humor, action, and nostalgia as Mario and Luigi travel through Mushroom Kingdom trying to save Peach from Bowser’s clutches while paying homage to its original games with references to power-ups, enemies, and levels references this movie should not be missed by anyone looking for family-friendly entertainment!