Home News Vince Lombardi Service Area: A Tribute to a Legendary Coach

Vince Lombardi Service Area: A Tribute to a Legendary Coach

Vince Lombardi Service Area
Vince Lombardi Service Area

Vince Lombardi Service Area: The Vince Lombardi Service Area on the New Jersey Turnpike provides amenities and services to both southbound and northbound travelers traveling on either direction of the route. Situated near Mile Marker 116 in Ridgefield, Bergen County and offering amenities such as gas, food, and shops – what truly distinguishes it is its naming after one of American football’s greatest coaches: Vince Lombardi.

Who was Vince Lombardi?

Vince Lombardi Service Area
Vince Lombardi Service Area

Vince Lombardi was born June 11, 1913 to Italian immigrant parents in Brooklyn, New York and went on to star football at Fordham University as part of its famed “Seven Blocks of Granite” offensive line. After graduating high school, he embraced coaching careers that span high school to college and professional teams. He is best-known for his time leading the Green Bay Packers as head coach and general manager between 1959-1967, during which they won five NFL Championships and two Super Bowl victories under him. Lombardi also served as head coach of the Washington Redskins in 1969, leading them to their first winning season since 1954. Lombardi became widely revered for his motivational skills, strict discipline and signature play–the Green Bay sweep–along with being honored with induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame following his death from cancer at 57. This honor continues today when Super Bowl trophies bear his name.

Why is the service area named after him?

Vince Lombardi Service Area first opened for business as the Ridgefield Service Area in 1952. Three years after Lombardi died three years earlier, they changed it in his honor as an expression of appreciation to New Jersey, where most of his coaching career took place. He served as assistant coach at St. Cecilia High School in Englewood from 1939-1946 and at Fordham University between 1947 and 1948, then coaching both teams’ NFL squads (New York Giants 1954-1958 and Washington Redskins 1969) based around New York city. This service area is situated close to the George Washington Bridge between New Jersey and New York – one that Lombardi would frequently cross during his travels – and features his portrait alongside a plaque featuring an excerpt of one of his quotes: “A person’s quality of life depends upon their commitment to excel at whatever field of endeavor they choose.”

What can travelers expect from the service area?

Vince Lombardi Service Area is one of the busiest and largest rest stops on the New Jersey Turnpike, serving approximately 6,000 vehicles daily. It provides travelers with various services and facilities including:

Sunoco and EVgo each offer electric vehicle charging stations; Applegreen offers travel marts and convenience stores as well as dining options from Dunkin Donuts, Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits, Pret A Manger and Shake Shack; restrooms are equipped with family restrooms; pet areas have pet waste bins; vending machines are located throughout; ATMs provide services and Wi-Fi is accessible onsite
-A park and ride lot offering bus service into New York City

The service area is accessible 24/7/365 for travelers traveling on either direction of the turnpike. In addition, food vendors may operate with different hours depending on when their supplies run out. Furthermore, travelers can easily stop in both ways of the turnpike as it provides easy access.


The Vince Lombardi Service Area on the New Jersey Turnpike is more than a mere rest stop; it serves as a testament to a legendary coach who left an indelible mark on American football and beyond, while providing travelers with comfort, convenience, and quality services. When traveling this winter season or beyond, make time for a stop here; you could find inspiration in Lombardi’s spirit of excellence that was alive there too!

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