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KP HealthStream: The Ultimate Learning Management System for Healthcare Providers

KP HealthStream
KP HealthStream

KP HealthStream: Healthcare providers face many difficulties in providing high-quality, safe, and efficient care for their patients. They must remain abreast of emerging practices, regulations, technologies, as well as develop their skills and competencies within a dynamic and complex environment – how can they achieve these goals while managing both time and resources efficiently?

KP HealthStream, a healthcare-specific learning management system (LMS) designed specifically to support improved outcomes among healthcare providers, is one such product from Kaiser Permanente — one of the largest and most integrated healthcare organizations in America. KP HealthStream draws upon both Kaiser Permanente’s nursing and medical staff expertise and innovative practices from within the health care industry as a whole to deliver successful learning management system experiences for providers.

What is KP HealthStream?

KP HealthStream
KP HealthStream

This is an online learning platform offering healthcare providers access to an assortment of learning opportunities both online and in person. KP HealthStream allows its users to:

  • Schedule, assign, track, deliver and report learning activities
  • Access a library of courses, modules, videos and simulations covering subjects like clinical skills, patient safety, quality improvement, leadership and professional development.
  • Customize and develop their own learning content and assessments
  • Manage their competencies and credentials
  • Work and share knowledge with peers and mentors
  • Receive feedback and recognition for their achievements
  • It was developed to meet the learning needs and preferences of various learners, such as nurses, physicians, allied health professionals, or support staff. It can also be easily utilized with various devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones, allowing learners to study anytime anywhere.

Why choose KP HealthStream?

This HealthStream is more than a learning management system; it is a comprehensive solution designed to assist healthcare providers improve their performance, develop their careers, and ultimately deliver better care to patients. Some of its many advantages include:

  • Based on current research in healthcare education and adult learning principles.
  • Kaiser Permanente’s mission, vision, and values as well as its culture of excellence and innovation are fully represented in its strategic planning process.
  • Kaiser Permanente’s clinical and operational systems such as electronic health records, performance management system and credentialing system are incorporated within its infrastructure.
  • Our experts and professionals provide technical assistance, instructional design, content creation and evaluation.
  • Our programme is continuously improved to reflect the ever-evolving needs and expectations of healthcare industry practitioners and learners.

How to get started with KP HealthStream?

Starting up KP HealthStream is easy and effortless. Users can login using their National User ID (NUID) and password, the same credentials used across other KP websites and applications. They may also opt to take advantage of Single Sign-On (SSO), which enables accessing multiple KP websites and applications using one password.

Once signed in, users can explore all of KP HealthStream’s features and functions, including:

  • The dashboard, which presents users with their profile, assignments, transcripts and notifications.
  • The catalog displays available courses, modules, videos and simulations
  • Search allows the user to easily find specific learning content or activities.
  • Help Center (HC) – Provides access to guides, tutorials and FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).
  • Users may contact KP HealthStream support team for any inquiries or issues they experience with KP Service Now website and HealthStream customer service site.


KP HealthStream is the ultimate learning management system for healthcare providers. It offers an expansive selection of learning opportunities in a user-friendly interface with flexible, personalized approaches tailored specifically for Kaiser Permanente organization and community members. KP HealthStream helps healthcare providers meet their learning goals while furthering their careers and improving patient outcomes.

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