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Watch the beautiful hills and ocean views at the “No. 1 Dilwala” filming location

No. 1 Dilwala
No. 1 Dilwala

No. 1 Dilwala, directed by Thirumala Kishore and featuring Ram Pothineni, Lavanya Tripathi and Anupama Parameswaran as prominent characters is an adaptation of Vunnadhi Okate Zindagi in Telugu.

Co-funded by Sravanthi Cinematics and PR Cinemas, No 1 Dilwala cast an endearing friendship tale as its backdrop and setting, making for an entertaining viewing experience.

No.1 Dilwala keeps viewers spellbound with its captivating imagery and graphics. But fans of the fictionalized narrative have often wondered where its filming took place, so here is a list of exotic locations where No.1 Dilwala filming took place.

No. 1 Dilwala
No. 1 Dilwala

No.1 Dilwala Shooting locations

Vishakhapatnam, India

Vishakhapatnam, India No.1 Dilwala boasts many exotic locations; as reported by various media sources, shooting for this film took place extensively in Vishakhapatnam in India. According to media reports, some sections were shot here along with Araku Valley – often called “the Oot of Andhra” along with Eastern Ghats that run through Vishakhapatnam and host multiple tribes that populate it.


Udagamandalam, commonly referred to as Ooty in Tamil Nadu India is an idyllic hill station known for its evergreen mountains and cool climate, providing the backdrop for Dilwala in No.1. Dilwala features Udagamandalam as the setting of its romantic tale featuring lead characters that share strong romantic feelings for one another and has added beauty through filmmaking here.

Milan, Italy

Milan, Italy Not only in India but this drama flick was also shot abroad – its final schedule being shot in Milan located in Italy reportedly. A visual treat awaits many.

No. 1 Dilwala plot

The No.1 Dilwala plot presents two people sharing an undying friendship; however, their lives take an abrupt and dramatic turn when a new girl enters their lives and negatively affects the dynamics of their relationship. Ram portrays Abhiram (guitarist and student), Lavanya portrays carefree Lavanya while Anupama as Maha (neighbor) enters Abhiram’s life and complicates matters further.

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