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Texas Pledge of Allegiance: A Symbol of Pride and Patriotism

texas pledge of allegiance

Texas Pledge of Allegiance: Texas is one of the few states in the U.S. with a unique pledge of allegiance to its flag – one that expresses both pride and appreciation for Texas history, culture and values as an independent republic before joining the union. Texas’ pledge of allegiance also serves to reinforce Texas’ unique identity as it reinforces respect for its history, culture and values while reflecting its unique identity and sovereignty as one of only seven U.S. states to ever do so.

texas pledge of allegiance
texas pledge of allegiance

History of the Texas Pledge

Texas pledge has evolved over time, reflecting changes and challenges faced by its residents. The first version was adopted by Texas legislators in 1933 as part of a law setting forth rules for proper display and salute of flag. That original pledge read:

Honor the Texas Flag of 1836; I pledge allegiance to Texas as one and indivisible nation.

Erroneously referring to David G. Burnet’s 1836 flag as opposed to its adoption in 1845 was corrected in 1965 when the legislature removed “of 1836”. Subsequently in 2007 when following in line with national pledge of allegiance standards the legislature added the phrase “one state under God”. Currently this pledge reads:

Please honor the Texas Flag; I pledge my allegiance to Texas as one state under one Lord indivisible and united in freedom.

Significance of the Texas Pledge

The Texas Pledge is a source of pride and patriotism for many Texans who recite it alongside the National Pledge in schools, public events, and official ceremonies. Reciting it together with its counterpart reminds Texans of their home state heritage values principles which have shaped it while acknowledging both God and nation while asserting Texas sovereignty and unanimity.

The pledge of allegiance is voluntary, and individuals have every right to opt out if it conflicts with their religious or personal convictions. But for many Texans, taking part in the this pledge of allegiance is an expression of love for their state flag, honoring it by showing support. Furthermore, its origin can be found in its motto “Friendship”, found on Texas seal.

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