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Actress Hema Sharma from “Dabangg 3” records the most “manhandling” by Salman Khan’s bouncers in 2019

Dabangg 3
Dabangg 3

Hema Sharma, who worked on Salman Khan’s home production ‘Dabangg 3’ in 2019, alleges she was mistreated by his security details when she attempted to meet and take a picture with the star.

Hema Sharma, who worked in Salman Khan’s Dabangg 3 home production, alleges she was mistreated by his security details when approaching him for an autograph or photo op. She claims they physically assaulted her.

Dabangg 3
Dabangg 3

Recounting her experience, the actress expressed her eagerness to work with the cast of Dabangg 3 and did everything in her power to secure a role, because of Salman Khan sir’s presence.

My initial scene featured Salman Khan. Therefore, I felt very fortunate and am thankful to Him for giving me this chance.”

But Hema was disappointed to learn that her scene would not feature Salman; after filming concluded for her, she stated “I was really dismayed; after everything ended for me I only wanted to meet Salman sir.”

She shared that she engaged in many conversations in order to meet Salman.

As she describes it: “I contacted many people to connect with Salman Khan. At least 50 individuals assisted me in meeting and photographing Salman.

Pandit Janardhan from Bigg Boss had already expressed my desire to meet Salman Khan directly, so I reached out to him.

“He assured me it would happen and we went to meet Salman sir. However, to my disbelief and humiliation I was treated and thrown out like garbage simply for wanting a photo with him”.

The actress stated that Pandit Janardhan had also been mistreated by Salman’s security, who threatened him by saying they would bar his entry.

She described herself as having been humiliated in front of 100 people, including several whom she knew personally, including Salman sir himself. Following that humiliating event she stated: ‘All I wanted was one chance at meeting and photographing Salman sir.”

“He wasn’t present where the incident unfolded but was present nearby; had he intervened or handled the situation he could have managed it successfully, however he was nowhere to be found.”

Salman Khan has often come under scrutiny for allegedly employing security staff that behave in an inconsiderate and offensive manner around him, leaving people around him vulnerable and distressed.

Recently, Bollywood actor Vicky Kaushal was also pushed away by security of one of his film co-stars for ‘Wanted’ star. They later hugged each other putting all tension to rest.

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