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Eye Test How Many 3s: Circulating On Whatsapp And Social Media


Eye Test How Many 3s: Here’s a puzzle that’s now circulating on Whatsapp and social media ‘eye test how many 3s.’ To solve this straightforward problem, you’ll need decent observation abilities.

Due to the Coronavirus lockdown, the majority of the country is currently in self-isolation. While some people work from home, many others find themselves with nothing to do in their spare time.

People are now posting puzzles and riddles on the internet to assist others keep their minds fresh during their spare time. On Whatsapp, eye test riddles have also become popular. Here’s a puzzle that’s now circulating on Whatsapp and social media: ‘eye test how many 3s.’

Test your eyes to see how many 3s there are in the images below.

eye test how many 3s

You must discover the correct number of threes in each image in these eye test puzzles. This is more of an observational test than a thorough eye test. These riddles will be easier to solve for those who have good observation skills.

These puzzles will also keep you entertained when the lockdown is in effect. There is no special answer or a secret trick. These problems are quite easy to solve; all you have to do is count the total number of threes.

How many 3s in an eye test?

For the ‘eye test on how many 3s’ puzzle, the answers range from 15 to 21. Most people only detect 15 trees in the image at first sight. First, you’ll see that the number pad contains two threes, as the number eight has been replaced by a three.

The phone number then has eight threes in it. Many people also notice that the battery is at 33% charge and that the time is 3:33 p.m.

If you look closely at the name behind the phone number, you’ll notice three more 3s. The image now has a total of 18 3s. But there’s one more hidden three that even the most alert individuals miss.

The letter ‘I’ has been substituted with three beneath the number four on the keyboard. As a result, the image has a total of 19 3s.

The number of 3s might also go up to 21 depending on how you interpret the challenge. The bar signal and wifi signal have three bars at the upper left of the image.

Some individuals consider the two signals to be part of the puzzle, bringing the total number of 3s to 21. So, depending on how you understand the question, the correct answer might be 19 or 21.

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