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Review of Mosagallu: Tamil film review, plot, and rating for Mosagallu

Review of Mosagallu:
Review of Mosagallu:

Arjun (Manchu Vishnu) and Anu (Kajal Aggarwal), siblings who experienced poverty and exploitation as children, become adults not above engaging in unscrupulous practices to make quick money.

Together with greedy IT company owner (Navdeep) and a criminal-minded youngster named Naveen Chandra they join forces in scamming American citizens by pretending to act as tax agents; yet could be vulnerable against ACP Kumar (Suniel Shetty).

Review of Mosagallu
Review of Mosagallu
Written by Manchu Vishnu (story), Mosagallu is directed by American filmmaker Jeffrey Gee Chin and appears to be about the world’s biggest IT scam; however, at times it plays out like an amateurish film about Hyderabad’s biggest but less-than-serious scams. If not for American investigators calling Suniel Shetty’s character in the film frantically on occasion, then no way would one believe this movie depicted two Indian siblings defrauding American citizens, a narrative that ironically could impact the mosagallu collection at the box office.

Where this film falls apart heavily is in its story elaboration and execution. Writers such as Diamond Ratnababu leave audiences wanting for nerve-wrecking talent while the investigation track requires commonsense solutions.

Scenes lack impact, particularly during the second half, which should have been riveting. Given that an IT scam involves various characters and many complex transactions, screenwriter should have delivered something exciting; unfortunately we got instead an uninspired second half edited poorly.

In the final 25 minutes of this film, tension should have been at an all-time high. Ideas flung together were ridiculous. A top cop (Nagineedu) saw no merit in ACP Kumar taking up this case against scammers. Whew! That must have been terrifying.

Ruhi Singh, as Vishnu’s calculated love interest, becomes a mere prop in this film’s grand scheme of things. Even an accomplished actor like Naveen Chandra becomes little more than an irreverent party animal in an emotionally unstable atmosphere.

Story-telling in this film feels old-fashioned. The pre-title sequence details the childhood stories of two siblings destined to become scammers, in an unsettlingly direct manner; thus foreshadowing what will unfold later in an underwhelming way.

Had the investigation track been more thorough, we could perhaps forgive its mishandling. But due to its complex and intricate nature, American investigators remain mystified when confronted by this income-tax scam.

Sam CS’s music is uninspiring and cinematographer Sheldon Chau has provided unsatisfying imagery.

“Mosagallu” fails to convey an exciting tale of a fraud involving $300 Million dollars. For all we know, it might even have been fictional.

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