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Who is Theresa Doyle? Know About Roy Keane’s Wife


Theresa Doyle: Theresa Doyle is known for being the wife of Irish football player named Roy Keane. She was born in Nottingham, England, United Kingdom. Her nationality is British. However, Doyle has kept her personal life out of media and she hasn’s disclosed anything about her family or much information on internet.

Here we are discussing about Theresa’s wiki, early life, profession, marital life, children and some interesting facts about her. So keep reading it. Stay tuned at chopnews for more updates.

Roy Keane’s wife Theresa Doyle

Keane rarely speaks about his wife in public, but in an early 2000s interview with the Sunday Times, he revealed a lot about their relationship.

“I don’t usually bring her up in conversation, but she has been a rock in my life. Simply brilliant. She has a better understanding of me than I do of myself “According to Keane.

“I wouldn’t say Theresa approves of the entire package. She’s well aware that I don’t have a halo around my head.

“Actually, that’s one of the qualities she admires about me. She also understands that I am not the nastiest guy on the planet.”

Theresa Doyle early life& education

The United Kingdom is where Theresa was born. She identifies as a British citizen. There is no information on Theresa’s parents or siblings available. Because the media does not expose the details of Theresa’s family.

She comes from an Irish family, according to sources. The date of Theresa’s birth is unknown. Similarly, her horoscope sign is unknown. She worked as a dental hygienist.

By nature, Theresa is a powerful lady. She is also her husband’s devoted wife. The exact age of Theresa is unknown. Because it hasn’t been revealed yet.

However, she is thought to be in her late 40s. This age is based on speculation. There is currently no information on Theresa’s educational qualifications available on the internet. She is thought to be a well-educated woman.

Theresa’s Professional Life

Theresa worked as a dental assistant, according to sources. Prior to her marriage, she worked as a dental assistant. However, after her marriage, she became a stay-at-home mom. However, after her marriage, she became a stay-at-home mom. She appears to still be a stay-at-home mom.

When Theresa Doyle and Roy Keane met?

When the midfielder was playing for Forest under Brian Clough in 1992, the two met.

“In a local nightclub, I noticed a stunning young lady. Her name was Theresa Doyle, but she didn’t remember my name “Keane has already spoken about his meeting with the Nottingham-born beauty.

“She was in a committed relationship and didn’t appear impressed by the legendary footballer Roy Keane. In fact, I believe I had a reputation as a pessimist for a variety of reasons.

“We ran into each other from time to time in Nottingham. I knew a few of her pals, and they told me she worked as a dental assistant.

“After her relationship ended, she eventually gave in and we went out together. I was head over heels in love.”

They married in a private ceremony in Mayfield, Cork’s Church of Our Lady Crowned.

Theresa Doyle’s children

Shannon, Caragh, Aidan, Leah, and Alanna are Keane and Theresa’s five children.

The family lived in Bowdon before moving to a fake Tudor mansion in Hale, Greater Manchester, when Keane joined United.

In 2009, they relocated to Woodbridge, a historic market town in Suffolk, to be closer to Ipswich Town, the new team he was managing.

They left in 2015 and placed the house up for sale.

Theresa Doyle Social media

Theresa isn’t known to use social media.

However, in 2021, hubby Keane startled the footballing world by launching an Instagram page, where he’s since shared photos of his family, including his grandchildren.

His wife Theresa, on the other hand, was conspicuously absent from the photos.

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