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Who is Joy Millward? Wife of Mr. Banksy [ Know About Her ]


Who is Joy Millward?: Joy Millward is a wife of famous artist named Robin Gunningham-a man who have many fans. Robin born in 1973 Bristol, also known as Banksy. Joy Millward is a famous lobbyist in England.

In this article we are going to discuss about her why people are searching for her? Is she doing something? Lets dive into the article to know about her. Get more update on chopnews.com

Who is Joy Millward?

joy millward with her husband Mr. Banksy

Joy Millward works as a lobbyist in the UK.

She founded Principle Affairs, a lobbying firm that helps nonprofits, in 2005.

She is the wife of Robin Gunningham, a professional artist who many Banksy admirers believe is the mysterious artist.

The Mail on Sunday published an investigation in 2008 in which Gunninham was identified as Banksy.

What we know about Gunningham conjures a picture of middle-class suburbia, not the rebellious tearaway.

Robin was born in 1973 in Bristol, which has long been rumoured to be Banksy’s stomping ground. He attended public school Bristol Cathedral School.

Peter Gordon Gunningham, Robin’s father, was a retired contracts manager from Bristol’s Whitehall neighbourhood.

Pamela Ann Dawkin-Jones, his mother, was a company director’s secretary and grew up in Clifton’s posh environs. He has an elder sister named Sarah.

The family relocated to a larger home on the same block when Robin was nine, and it was there that he spent his formative years and developed an interest in graffiti.

Are Joy Millward and Banksy parents?

Joy Millwards and her spouse are relatively unknown.

The pair maintains a high level of secrecy.

“Joy and Robin live in an isolated community and have little to do with even their closest neighbours,” a friend of the couple told The Mail.

“Even people with whom they converse on a regular basis have no notion who they truly are.”

“Only those in his inner circle, who have been vetted, are aware of his true identity.

“Some of Joy’s relatives are unaware of her husband’s identity or occupation. Joy does mention to others that her husband is an artist of some sort.

“She claims that he creates the artwork for cookbooks and music covers.”

“Banksy has stated that he creates award show sets, which explains his frequent absences.”

Joy Millward and Banksy have been married for how long?

The date of the couple’s wedding is unknown.

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