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Who Is Banksy’s Wife, Joy Millward?


Joy Millward is known as the “Queen of Street Art”. She has enjoyed a long and successful career as a graffiti artist. Millward has been a lobbyist for politicians.

Know about Banksy’s wife Joy Millward

It is still unknown if Joy Millward, Banksy’s secret spouse, is actually real. Many believe she is Banksy’s wife but she refuses to reveal the truth.

She is only aware of the basics, including that she lives in an isolated area. This is what her family and neighbors know. Although she has shared with friends that her husband illustrated cookbooks for her, she has not revealed who she is to anyone.

People began asking her about her identity after the Mail on Sunday called her Banksy’s wife. Banksy is a pseudonym. He has never been identified. Only a few close friends know his true identity.

According to the Mail on Sunday, Banksy’s wife, Robin Gunningham, purchased Banksy’s house in Bristol, UK from her partner. They met when Gunningham worked for Austin Mitchell, a Labour politician.

They became close friends and began working together as research assistants. They formed Principle Affairs, a lobbying group for charities.

As a lobbyist, you can make a career

Joy Millward, despite her low profile, is one of the richest people on the planet. Forbes magazine estimates that Millward earned $6 million in 2009 and will have a net worth of $6 millions by 2021.

Robin Gunningham, her husband, is an artist and self-confessed art lover. He has a number of expensive original works on display in his gallery in London.

Her high-powered salary is not the only reason she and her family live comfortably. Despite her husband’s famed propensity to have a good time, she isn’t a social butterfly.

Joy and her family live in a quiet community with few neighbors and visitors. Although she and her husband may not be household names, their art has made them a significant fortune.

They own a lot of expensive assets, including a lot of luxury cars and a large credit card. They are the envy of all the men at fancy fetes and the women in the know.

Graffiti artist life

Joy Millward is a major player in sex but has kept her profile low despite being a very important player. She isn’t active on Instagram or Twitter.

Although she has not told her family she is married to Banksy, it’s not to suggest she doesn’t love the man. She is proud that her husband is a professional painter. She says that she wants Banksy’s brand to be kept alive.

Joy Millward is a happy, well-situated member of her family. Millward was born in West Midlands, and she has been married to her husband since 2006.

She lives in Canningham in a small town. There, she spends a lot of her income on food and drinks. She is not the only one who enjoys the perks of being married a well-known artist.

She is blessed with a number of assets, including a BMW as well as a large collection of cats. She also owns a business she started in 2005.

Joy Millward’s Height and Age

Joy Millward is 40-50 years old, although no details have been released about her exact date of birth.

She also looks more than 5ft tall, judging by her physical appearance.

She is charming and affable.

Joy Millward’s Salary and Net Worth

Joy Millward’s net worth is approximately $6 million, as of 2021. Millward has not yet revealed her actual net worth.

She still makes a good living from her job.

Joy is a lobbyist for the United Kingdom.

Banksy’s wife on Instagram: Meet Street Artist Banksy

Joy Millward, Banksy’s spouse, isn’t active on Instagram. It seems like she doesn’t like publicity.

She has not revealed any details on social media. Other official pages show Banksy’s lover.

However, there is an Instagram account under the name @banksy.robin.gunningham. Robin Gunningham appears to be the owner of this account. However, the account is not verified.


Banksy’s business associate initially denied that he knew Banksy had been married to Joy Millward. Mail revealed the identity of Banksy’s artist on Sunday.

Joy Millward, the elusive Banksy, was married to Banksy in 2006 in Las Vegas. Shortly after their wedding, they moved out of Shoreditch, East London. They live a luxurious lifestyle but they remain anonymous. They are also estimated to be worth $6 Million by 2021.

Banksy, a controversial artist, was called a modern art icon. He was raised in suburban middle class areas and attended Bristol University.

He was also an ex-Labour MP researcher. He was known for his cryptic work, and his identity was kept secret. He had a difficult relationship with his parents despite his success.

As a child, he was also diagnosed as having a spinal injury. He returned to work in 2006, however. His identity is kept secret because he is considered a controversial figure.

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