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Ellie Kemper: Age, Wiki, Latest Movies, Husband, Net Worth & Photos


Ellie Kemper is a former model and has appeared on many TV shows, including Saturday Night Live, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, and The Office.

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Ellie Kemper age & wiki

Ellie Kemper’s age is 42. She was born on May 2, 1980. The comedian and actress was born in Kansas City, Missouri. She has three siblings. Her first husband was an actor named David Woods Kemper.

She and her sister also appeared on the television series The Office. Ellie Kemper has a large social media following and has over 2 million Instagram followers.

Ellie has posted about her life on Instagram.

The actress has appeared in a variety of films. She has starred in a major role in Bridesmaids, which received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Motion Picture.

She also had a role in the comedy film ‘Laggies’. Ellie has appeared on various television shows.

She won a beauty pageant at the age of 19 and was later invited to be a judge on Season 14 of America’s Got Talent.

Ellie’s parents were both successful businessmen. Her father was the CEO of Commerce Bancshares, Inc., a bank holding company.

Her family moved to St. Louis when she was five years old. Ellie attended Conway Elementary School and John Burroughs School.

She grew interested in stand-up comedy and the theater.

Ellie later went on to graduate from Princeton University and Worcester College in Oxford, England.

Ellie Kemper movies

Although Ellie Kemper has been around for quite some time, she has only starred in a handful of films.

This has led to a general lack of recognition for the actress, who has nonetheless proved to be a highly talented performer.

Her movies have ranged from family fare to adult fare, and from witty to’meh.’

In addition to her work in television shows, Kemper has also appeared in numerous movies, many of which are in supporting roles.

Kemper first gained popularity by appearing in the 2009 sitcom ‘The Office.’

She played a cute receptionist named Kelly Erin Hannon.

She was initially added as a guest star, but after her popularity grew, she was made a regular.

In 2011, Kemper starred as Becca in the comedy ‘Bridesmaids.’

The film was directed by Paul Feig and follows a group of women who are invited to a friend’s wedding.

Ellie husband

Ellie Kemper and Michael Koman are married and have two children.

Their son, James, was born in August 2016 and the other child, Matthew, was born three years later.

Despite Ellie’s high-profile career, she did not reveal her pregnancy until about a month later.

They were engaged for a year before they got married in July 2012.

In addition to a successful career, Koman also has a successful relationship with his wife.

The couple met when he was working on SNL and married in 2012.

The couple shares six Writers Guild of America awards. Their marriage was celebrated on July 7, 2012.

Ellie and Koman have two children together: James and Matthew. The couple resides in New York City. Ellie Kemper husband

Ellie net worth

This actress has been in several popular television series and movies.

She earned 80,0000 dollars per episode of The Office, and her royalties from two best-selling books are worth another 2 million dollars.

However, her net worth is far more complex than that.

Ellie Kemper net worth is estimated at around $4 million.

Her husband Michael Koman has a net worth of $2 million.

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