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AU Vodka: Owners, Revenue, Founder & Net-worth


AU Vodka: Au Vodka is the very famous and biggest vodka brand which is found in UK. There’s a lot more to know about AU Vodka, why this brand is famous? why people are buying it , owners of this brand and their net worth? What makes this vodka unique? why this is named so? Lets know here everything about AU Vodka. So Keep reading it. Follow chopnews to get more updates

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Who is the owner of AU Vodka?

AU vodka

AU Vodka is owned by Welsh friends Charlie Morgan and Jackson Quinn.

Charlie Sloth, a British DJ, producer, and TV personality, is also a part-owner of the company.

“Inspired by gold, Au Vodka includes the periodic table where gold is a chemical element with the symbol Au and atomic number 79,” according to their website.

AU Vodka is sold in high-end stores around the world, including Selfridges and Harvey Nichols in the United Kingdom.

When Was AU Founded ?

AU Vodka was founded In 2016.

According to sources, Charlie, who was 19 at the time, and Jackson, who was 21, decided to try if they could brew their own vodka and named it Au Vodka.

They started with 2,000 bottles and sold them in a few bars in their hometown of Swansea.

It gained a good reputation thanks to word of mouth around the city, and its signature eye-catching gold bottle drew a lot of attention.

Following Charlie Sloth’s involvement, AU Vodka began to attract celebrity recognition, and the brand grew to sell millions of bottles every year.

AU’s owners net worth

The net worths of Charlie and Jackson are currently unknown, however it is safe to assume they will be extremely wealthy.

Charlie is also the heir to a fortune, as his father, Martin Morgan, is the owner of the Morgan’s Hotel and the director of Swansea City Football Club.

He is worth roughly £65 million.

What makes AU vodka so unique?

Handcrafted pewter labels adorn the bottle, each with slight variances that make each bottle of Au Vodka one-of-a-kind. Au’s smooth taste and distinct flavouring are ideal on the rocks or in a martini, adding character to any drink.

Why AU Vodka named as this?

Au Vodka is named after gold, a chemical element with the symbol Au and atomic number 79 on the periodic chart. They’ve combined our British background with high-end ingredients to create an ultra-premium vodka that comes in a stunning glossy gold bottle.

 AU’s worth

Au Vodka is currently the biggest vodka brand in the UK, excluding Smirnoff, with revenue expected to reach more than £5 million online this year and £95 million altogether. It intends to sell more than five million bottles in 2021.

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