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Who is Myrtle Holden? Know All About Her


Myrtle Holden: From Britain’s Got Talent to BBC’s I Can See Your Voice, Amanda Holden has been the face of a slew of great TV programmes over the last two decades.

For her new series ‘Mandy and Myrtle: The Golden Girls,’ she takes a break from presenting and judging to tell what it’s like to move your grandmother from the Doncaster suburbs to the Big Smoke.

Amanda stated in March that her nan, Myrtle Holden, will star in the documentary-style show, which would premiere on Channel 4’s E4.

Here everything we have discussed you need to know about Myrtle Holden: The Holden Girls premiering on E4. Follow more updates on chopnews

Who is Myrtle Holden?

myrtle holdenAmanda’s fake nan, Myrtle, appears in her new spoof documentary about her life.

Grandma is played by Leigh Francis in the E4 series.

After making a reputation for himself in the controversial celebrity spoof show Bo Selecta, the comedian is best known for imitating Keith Lemon and his show Celebrity Juice.

“I have no comment,” a representative for Amanda’s grandmother, Myrtle, said. “I’m really hoping being on TV means I can finally meet my favourite young guy, Ben Shephard.”

What did Amanda Holden said about Myrtle Holden?

“I’m thrilled that everyone is finally getting to meet my nan,” Amanda told The Sun. “The fruit never falls far from my tree, and she will surely keep me on my toes in this series.”

“Amanda is one of the UK’s most well-known stars, and we are happy to obtain insight into her life with her nan,” said Channel 4 Commissioning Editor Steven Handley.

With her choice to join the show, which will also air on Channel 4, she will have shows on all three major networks, in addition to ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent and BBC One’s I Can See Your Voice.

What is going to happen next on The Holden Girls?

Amanda persuades her lonely grandmother to move from Doncaster to live with her in her posh London home.

After a tumultuous move-in phase, Amanda is forced to pick between her husband and an embarrassing older relative.

What is the best way for me to watch The Holden Girls?

The Holden Girls premiered on E4 on September 7 and airs every Tuesday at 10 p.m.

The first two episodes are available on E4, with more to come.

There are eight episodes in total, which will air on four Tuesdays in a row.

All 4 allows you to catch up on any episodes you may have missed.

Amanda has been filming for the show for several weeks, but the specifics are being kept under wraps.

She has continued to anchor the Heart breakfast show with Jamie Theakston in addition to photographing the show.

In August, Amanda hinted to the show when she revealed she was working on a project that was bringing her “back to her origins.”

“This is Amanda’s first time working with Channel 4,” a source claimed at the time.

“It’s a top-secret fresh new programme concept that will take Amanda back to her TV beginnings, where she began in the nineties on shows like Kiss Me Kate, Hearts And Bones, and Cutting It.”

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