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Tracer Comic – Unlock the Tracer Comic Book [Overwatch 3rd Series]


Last updated on July 8th, 2021 at 11:37 am

Tracer Comic Series : The ‘Overwatch’ Tracer Comic Challenge has begun! Here’s How to Get Everything UnlockedTracer’s new event, which includes a new skin, paints, and more, is currently live in the enormously popular Overwatch game.

Tracer Comic – Unlock the Tracer Comic Book

tracer comicThe Tracer Comic Challenge commemorates the publication of a brand new Overwatch comic by Dark Horse Comics. The five-issue “London Calling” series, written by Mariko Tamaki and drawn by Babs Tarr, follows a young Tracer on the streets of London.

The initial issue is free to download from the Overwatch website, and subsequent issues will be issued on a monthly basis.

This comic series will appeal to fans of Overwatch lore because it centres on King’s Row, a popular stage in the game. Tracer will come into contact with the London Underground’s Omnics in the storey.

To refresh your memory, Omnics are a sort of artificial intelligence created to assist humans. However, the Omnica Corporation began developing Omnics with weapons, prompting Overwatch to intervene.

However, after Widowmaker’s actions in the animated short “Alive,” the bond between Omnics and humans is strained. This comic depicts the Omnics’ reactions to that event in greater detail.

In a special YouTube video, Overwatch lead Jeff Kaplan explains the Tracer Comic Challenge and what to expect from the comic book series.

It’s really straightforward to obtain this unique Tracer skin. For winning matches in Quick Play, Competitive Play, or Arcade, players can earn three different awards.

A new Player Icon will be awarded after three wins, a new Spray will be awarded after six wins, and winning nine matches will provide the player with an Epic Tracer skin based on the new comic.

During the event, Overwatch is also collaborating with Twitch streamers on another project. From now until September 28, gamers can earn three Tracer’s Comic Challenge sprays by watching any Twitch livestream playing Overwatch.

Every two hours, players will receive three fresh sprays. So, if you have some spare time in the coming weeks, bunker down and spend up to six hours watching Twitch streamers to unlock these new cosmetics.

Overwatch is now available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as well as PC, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia.

What are your thoughts on the latest Overwatch event? Who would you like to see in the upcoming comic book series? Please share your thoughts in the comments area.

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