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Solar Array Fortnite In The Jungle


Solar Array Fortnite: This morning, Fortnite has a brand new set of weekly challenges to complete.

It’s the ninth week of Season 9, and as the season draws to a close, players have only a few weeks remaining to earn the Tier 100 skin Vendetta.

Visit A Solar Array Fortnite In The Jungle

Solar Array Fortnite

(As of this writing, I’m on Tier 98, with only a third of a challenge remaining for the season—prior to this week’s batch, that is.)

One of this week’s more intriguing challenges has players visiting several Solar Arrays across the game’s vast area.

In this article, we’ll show you how to find a Solar Array in the Jungle, a new biome included in Season 8’s pirate-themed season.

Season 9’s futuristic theme is coming to an end, and Season 10 is on the horizon. A monster is on the loose, and a massive robot is being built. Nobody knows what will happen next.

In any event, here’s how you go to the Solar Array in the Jungle, which is far up near the top of the map:

It’s just east of the sulphur springs and north of the volcano, as you can see:

To complete one-third of this challenge, simply land, drive, or walk to this Solar Array.

• Find out where you can go to see a Solar Array in the snow here.

• Here’s where you can find a Solar Array in the desert.

It’s also the tenth day of the 14 Days Of Summer celebration. Here’s where you can let off fireworks along the riverbank.

I just hope Epic continues to add additional Solar Arrays to the map. Solar, wind, and steam powering the entire fictitious game world would be fantastic. Even better if those things could power our actual world, but we’re still a long way from achieving that ambitious (and important) aim.

In any case, I wish my fellow Fortnite players the best of luck! I’ll see you in the ring.

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