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Division 2 New Exotics: Update And Gearsets Sound Cool


Division 2 New Exotics: The Division 2 is gearing up for the launch of its new season on June 23 next week, and the patch notes for the impending Title Update 10 that goes along with it have just revealed a massive amount of new content and changes.

There’s a lot to go over, but today I simply wanted to focus on the new exotics, gearsets, and named goods, which are what we’ll all be farming next season and are likely the most important to everyone.

Update 10 that goes along

This season also brings with it a new raid, Operation Iron Horse, which contains two exotics and two gearsets, which are listed below. We’ll see if this raid runs any smoother than the previous, which was nearly impossible for console gamers to complete without a patch when it initially arrived.

As a result, we’ll begin with four new exotics that will be available this season

Mantis SRS Sniper Rifle

• Your scoped view shows you more information about enemies who aren’t aiming at you.

• The enemy’s weak points are highlighted in your scoped view.

• Damage from headshots and weak points against adversaries who aren’t targeting you is increased by 50%.

• Headshot kills reset the Decoy skill’s cooldown. If the Decoy is currently active, this benefit will be delayed until it cools down.

A vile mask

• Status effects additionally inflict a 10-second damage-over-time debuff.

• Your total damage done is equal to half of your concussion grenade damage, plus your status effect characteristics.

The Ravenous Double Barrel Rifle (Operation Iron Horse)

• When you pull the trigger, fire both barrels at the same time.

• Hits add offensive primers when fired from the right shoulder, and defensive primers when fired from the left shoulder.

• If all of the primers on the opposing shoulder are present, hits from one shoulder will detonate them all.

• Each offensive primer gives 100 percent weapon damage when exploded, while each defensive primer grants +4 percent extra armour and +10 percent magnified damage to armour plates for 5 seconds.

• At 10 stacks, the efficiency of the primer is doubled.

Regulus Magnum Pistol: Magnum Pistol: Regulus Magnum Pistol | Division 2 New Exotics

• Headshot kills result in a 5m explosion that deals 400% weapon damage and bleeds all foes hit.

• High base damage and accuracy

I really enjoy how the magnum rifle is basically “shoot them up with headshots,” yet the twin barrel rifle is “swap shoulders to carefully set up and detonate offensive and defensive primers” and is lot more involved.

It rifle sounds the most intriguing, and I’ve never seen shoulder switching utilised as a mechanic before, since I’ve only seen it used to gain a better angle for a shot on rare occasions, so that should be fun to explore.

Then there’s gearsets | Division 2 New Exotics

Eclipse Protocol is a protocol that is used to communicate (Season 2)

• Skill Tier: Core (Yellow)

• 2: +15 percent Effects of Status

Level 3: Increased skill speed by 15% and hazard protection by 30%

• “Indirect Transmission” (number 4) Your status effects now extend to all foes within 15 metres when you kill them, and they renew 50% of the time.

• “Proliferation” is a chest talent that boosts your stats. The range of indirect transmission is 15m to 20m, with a refresh ratio of 50% to 75%.

• “Symptom Aggravator” is a backpack talent that increases all damage you deliver to status-affected enemies by 15%.

Bulwark of the Foundry (Operation Iron Horse)

• Armor at the core (Blue)

• 2: a 10% increase Armor

• 3: Increased Armor Regeneration by 3%

• 4: “Emergency Repairs” When you or your shield receive damage, 20% of the damage is restored over 15 seconds.

• “Process Refinery” is a chest talent that increases the amount of time it takes to refine a process. Over 15s, makeshift repairs increased by 20% to 30%.

• “Improved Materials” is a backpack talent that increases. The speed of makeshift repairs has decreased from 15 seconds to 10 seconds.

Initiatives for the Future (Operation Iron Horse)

• Skill Tier: Core (Yellow)

• 2: +30% Repair Capabilities

Level 3: Increased skill duration by 30% and speed by 15%

• 4: “Ground Control” increases overall weapon and skill damage by 15% for you and your allies when fully armoured.

• When you repair an ally, you and all allies within 5 metres of you are repaired at 60% of the cost.

• “Tactical Superiority” is a chest talent that increases the Ground Control damage bonus from 15% to 25%.

• “Advanced Combat Tactics” is a backpack talent that boosts Ground Control proximity repair from 60% to 120%.

On the surface, these sets, particularly the raid ones, appear to be a touch boring. The first is effectively a self-repairing shield that is slightly better than the standard self-repairing version, and the second improves your ability to repair ally armour.

I dislike talents in any game that require you to be wearing full armour or shield to activate them, as this seldom occurs in endgame stuff unless you’re sniping somewhere in the back. The first set, which transmits status affects to adversaries, seems interesting.

Finally, there’s some branded gear

Weapons with new names

Future Perfection Mechanical Animal (SIG 556)

• For 19s, weapon kills grant a +1 skill tier. It can be stacked up to three times.

• Weapon kills at skill tier 6 provide 15 seconds of charging.

• 90s Overcharge Cooldown

Perfectly In Sync (Resolute MK47) with Harmony

• Hitting an adversary for 5 seconds increases skill damage by 20%.

• Using a skill or damaging an enemy with a skill increases weapon damage by 20% for 5 seconds.

• While both boosts are active at the same time, damage increases are doubled.

Newly christened gear | Division 2 New Exotics

Perfect Adrenaline Rush Matador (Walker, Harris & Co. backpack)

• Gain 23 percent additional armour for 5 seconds when you are within 10 metres of an adversary. It can be stacked up to three times.

• Time to cool down: 5s

• Perfect Headhunter with Chainkiller (Walker, Harris & Co. chest). When you kill an adversary with a headshot, your next weapon hits within 30 seconds and deals 150 percent of that fatal blow’s damage.

• Your damage is capped at 800% of your weapon’s damage. If your headshot damage is greater than 150 percent, this is increased to 1250 percent.

Okay, I’m particularly interested in that skill tier stacking SIG 556. That sounds fantastic. And when it’s partnered with the other? That’s a significant amount of skill damage. Those are going to be must-farms in the future.

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