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Skate 4: New Gameplay Trailer Reveals, EA Ask for Playtesters


Skate 4 is one of the most eagerly awaited EA games, largely because the predecessor to the series was released more than ten years ago.

Recent playtest invitations sent out by EA for the eagerly anticipated game they are working on, Skate 4, led us to believe that an announcement was just around the corner.

Players first saw a Skate trailer with the title “We are working on it” almost a year ago.

EA’s Skate 4 Gets Its New Trailer!

skate 4

The players got a sneak peek at the motion capture and development work of the team in that trailer. On June 30, 2022, Skate has released a new trailer with a lot more content for the audience.

The game’s open world structure and the physics that are currently being incorporated are both hinted to in the humorously named teaser, “We are still working on it.”

All of their official social media channels have posted the teaser with the message, “It’s time for you to see what we’ve been up to while we’re still working on it. Visit https://skate.game/inside to register as a skate. insider and participate in playtesting “. The playtest email we discovered was therefore accurate, and the team is asking for people to check on their development and offer helpful input.

The gameplay depicted in the reveal is in the pre-pre-pre-alpha stage, the trailer states at the outset. The mechanics for falling and stumbling that the developers have been working on are first introduced to the gamers.

Additionally, they provide players a preview of the kinds of tricks they might be able to perform in-game. They also give the players information about the game’s objectives and the stage of development it is in.

The necessity for more parkour elements to enable players to access areas they couldn’t in past games has also been acknowledged by the creators.

The game also highlights the enormous open world they have to offer and the multiplayer scenarios that might occur there. We are all pumped after watching this gameplay trailer and cannot wait to learn more about the game.

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