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Githyanki – History, Personality & Abilities


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Githyanki – History, Personality & Abilities

Meaning of Githyanki

A race of paranormal activity creatures. The mind flayers formerly dominate that. They have escaped their relationships and now reside in a military stronghold in the Astral Plane.

History on Githyanki

The Githyanki were experiencing 9,000 years ago during the Daelkyr invasion from Xoriat.

It is possible to mind flayers created on their own. They are corrupted from human or spirit stock. Another theory which it holds that created the mind flayers. When the Daelkyr destroyed the native world of the gith, this would make their mind flayers the gith version of creatures like the Dolgaunts and the do grim.

They are escaping from the mind flayers after the Gatekeeper. The peoples pushed the realm of Xoriat far from the Material Plane and destroyed the invasion. Run away to the Astral Plane. But the Githzerai moved to Kythira, the Churning Chaos.

Some of the Githyanki are said to still stay on the Material Plane. These are even rumors of Githyanki civilizations in the jungles of the Xen’drik.

The Appearance and Personality of Githyanki

It is an old creature with sallow yellowish-green skin. These are having pointed ears, and bony protrusions from the ends of their joints feel contempt for the mind flayer servants of the Daelkyr.

Both do not get along. But both hate the mind flayers more than they do each other. It may be a result of the two belonging to distinct slave castes. It is under the rule of the mind flayers.

The Githyanki of Eberron determination of the connection to the red dragons has in other campaign settings.

Abilities of Githyanki 

A psionic race and skilled warriors. With the iconic silver swords.

Scholars are suggested on this website that the mind flayers may be the conclusion of the Daelkyr. They were corrupting the original person race of both the Githzerai and the Githyanki.

They suggested that his idea for the original home of the Gith progenitors has changed. From another world in the same Material Plane of Eberron to a demi-plane within the Khyber.

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