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Natalie Hemming: Age, Profession, Daughter, Murder & Killer Name



Natalie Hemming: Natalie was 31 years old, she was mother of three children. She was brutally beaten to death by her partner whose name is Paul Hemming at their home in Milton Keynes in May 2016.

She had informed professionals information that implied abuse in the relationship, according to a domestic homicide investigation.

In this article we are telling about Natalie Hemming in brief, How she died and who murdered her? So lets jump into the article to know everything. Follow chopnews to get more updates

Who was Natalie Hemming?

natalie hemming

She was Mum-of-three, when her jealous partner Paul Hemming found she planned to leave him for a coworker, Natalie Hemming was battered to death in the lounge of her house.

Bully who is envious In order to cover up his crime, Hemming would concoct a complex web of lies.

In 2016, his trial heard that he covered Natalie’s body in a blanket, threw it in the boot of his car, and then drove from Milton Keynes to a rural region in south Hertfordshire, around 30 miles away.

Before returning to the family home, where Natalie’s three children were asleep, he discarded his partner’s body in the woods.

He claimed their mother had left the house while they were sleeping when the kids awoke the next morning.

For a Bank Holiday day out, he took them to Whipsnade Zoo.

Natalie’s mother, distraught, dialled 999 two days after she died to report her missing.

Following that, Thames Valley Police conducted one of the largest searches in its history.

Three weeks later, a guy mowing a nearby meadow discovered Natalie’s badly decayed remains.

Because of her advanced condition of decomposition, pathologist Dr. Olaf Biedrzycki testified Hemming’s trial that it was difficult to say what caused her death.

Natalie Hemming Murder

On Sunday, May 1, 2016, Natalie was assassinated at her Milton Keynes home.

In November 2016, Paul Hemming was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 20 years behind bars.

Since 2007, Hemming and Natalie had been together.

She already had a little daughter from a previous short-lived marriage when they first met in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.

They had a son and a daughter in the years that followed. Despite the fact that they were not married, she adopted his surname.

Who is Paul Hemming, Killer of Natalie

Natalie Hemming was brutally murdered by Paul Hemming.

At his trial, he accepted manslaughter but denied murder, despite the fact that the couple’s six-year-old son had been awakened by the argument and seen him covering her body.

When cops arrived to Hemming’s house on May 3, he made up a tale that Natalie had been raped the night before and had gone away to “clear her head.”

Hemming even pretended to be concerned about Natalie’s safety after the murder by sending text messages to her phone.

Hemming had previously acted violently against Natalie, according to the court.

Prosecutors said he was dark and sullen and would continually check in on her, demanding to know where she was going and who she was seeing.

In 2010 and 2013, the couple had a temporary separation.

Natalie lodged a police report in 2007 stating that after an argument with Hemming, he threw her cellphone at her, striking her in the head.

Natalie claimed he jabbed her in the eye and beat her over the head with a bottle in 2013.

In 2020, authorities were chastised for “missing opportunities” in protecting her.

Despite only three contacts to the police regarding domestic abuse over a nine-year period, the Milton Keynes Community Safety Partnership found that she had “disclosed information to experts that showed she and the perpetrator’s relationship was violent.”

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