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Bruce Willis Attorney Tells Why Actor Wants To Work After Being Diagnosed With Aphasia


Recently, Bruce Willis’ lawyer explained why the actor still wanted to work despite being diagnosed with aphasia. Continue reading.

According to Bruce Willis’ lawyer, the actor wanted to keep working despite being diagnosed with aphasia since he “actually saved” thousands of people’s jobs during the COVID-19 outbreak. The attorney’s statement follows allegations that Willis was pressured to work despite a health issue by his longtime friend and Midnight in the Switchgrass director Randall Emmett.

Attorney for Bruce Willis explains why the actor continued to work after being diagnosed with aphasia.

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“My client remained working after his medical diagnosis because he wanted to work and was able to do so, just like many others diagnosed with aphasia who are capable of continuing to work,” Willis’ attorney Martin Singer said in a conversation with the Los Angeles Times.

Added he, “These movies were able to receive funding because Mr. Willis acted in them. As a result, literally thousands of individuals found employment, many of whom did so during the COVID-19 Pandemic.” Before announcing his retirement earlier this year, Bruce worked with Randall Emmett to finish five more projects. According to PEOPLE, the director-actor team has worked on around 25 projects together.

Diagnosis of aphasia in Bruce Willis

The actor was diagnosed with aphasia, which has affected his cognitive abilities, and his family made the announcement that he will be ending his decades-long performing career.

In a statement they released in March of this year, they also mentioned, “We wanted to invite his fans in because we know how much he means to you, just as you do to him, and we are moving through this as a strong family unit.

This is a really difficult time for our family, and we are so appreciative of your continued love, compassion, and support. Live it up, as Bruce usually says, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do.”

According to a source who spoke to PEOPLE, following Willis’ diagnosis, everyone is “rooting” for him.

The insider described him as a “beloved” actor and said that Hollywood “would gather behind him” and be “extremely supportive of him”.

The insider said, “He’s one of the guys everyone likes in Hollywood – one of the most loved movie stars.” Willis is renowned for his performances in films such as Pulp Fiction, The Sixth Sense, Die Hard, and The Sixth Sense, among others.

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