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KH3 Characters: List Complete All Game


KH3 Characters: The series’ blend of universes is part of what makes it so appealing.

Over the years, Square Enix and Disney have collaborated to create a plethora of imaginary characters for their fans to enjoy.

Since the previous big release in the series, Kingdom Hearts 3 has brought back a slew of characters from the Square Enix title, as well as introducing a new set of Disney intellectual properties.

I’ve developed a list of the characters you should expect to meet (in some form or another) throughout your trip after combing over every detail available for KH3.

Take a look at the following long list kh3 characters

There are 92 total, according to my count, but Square Enix appears to have crammed this game with surprises, so the number may increase by the time people finish it.

Except for some of the traditional Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, the characters originate from a range of different storylines, and I’ve organised them by title.

Original characters from Big Hero 6, Pirates of the Caribbean, Hercules, Monsters Inc, Frozen, Tangled, Wreck-It Ralph, Toy Story, Winnie The Pooh, Lilo and Stitch, Ratatouille.

The Lion King, and the aforementioned classic Disney category will be joined by characters from Big Hero 6, Pirates of the Caribbean, Hercules, Monsters Inc, Frozen, Tangled, Wreck-It Ralph, Toy Story,

Kingdom Hearts Original Characters

• Aqua

• Axel

• Eraqus

• Hayner

• Kairi

• Larxene

• Lea

• Lenzo

• Luxord

• Marluxia

• Namine

• Olette

• Pence

• Riku

• Roxas

• Saix

• Sora

• Terra

• Vanitas

• Xemnas

• Xigbar

• Xion

• Young Zehanort

• Zehanort

• Zexion

Big Hero 6

• Baymax

• Fred

• Go Go

• Hiro Hamada

• Honey Lemon

• Marshmallow

• Wasabi

Pirates of the Caribbean

• Davy Jones

• Elizabeth Swann

• Hector Barbossa

• Jack Sparrow

• Joshamee Gibbs

• Kraken

• Tia Dalma

• Will Turner


• Hercules

• Hades

• Lythos

• Pegasus

• Megara

• Phil

• Pyros

• Stratos

• Zeus

Monsters Inc

• Sulley

• Mike Wazowski

• Boo

• Randall


• Ana

• Elsa

• Olaf

• Kristoff

• Marshmallow

• Sven


• Rapunzel

• Flynn Rider

• Pascal

• Maximus

• Mother Gothel

Winnie the Pooh

• Winnie the Pooh

• Tigger

• Piglet

• Rabbit

• Roo

• Gopher

• Lumpy

• Eeyore

Toy Story

• Buzz Lightyear

• Hamm

• Rex

• Woody

Lion King

• Simba

Lilo and Stitch

• Stitch


• Remy

Wreck-It Ralph

• Ralph


• Donald Duck

• Mickey Mouse

• Clarabelle Cow

• Goofy

• Jiminy Cricket

• Maleficent

• Minnie Mouse

• Pete

• Little Mermaid

• Chip

• Dale

• Yen Sid

Finely Conclusion of KH3 Characters

Keep in mind that there is an epilogue as well as a hidden film that has yet to be seen by the general public.

More characters could be introduced in the new material, which Square Enix plans to provide after the game’s premiere.

Although the names are fictional, no other video game released this year may be able to equal the star power of Kingdom Hearts 3.

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