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How to Play Red Door Yellow Door Game [Complete Guide]


Red Door Yellow Door is a well-known psychological game you can play with friends and family. This is a popular campfire game. You should not play this game for too long as it can cause mental problems.

This is something you should remember before you start playing the game. One person can open their mind to the other person and control them. It is a very scary game. Many people call it Doors of Minds. This page contains all details regarding how to play the game.

What is a Red Door Yellow Door game?

The red door yellow door sleepover game is very popular with thrill-seekers due to the high risks involved. The guide acts as a guide and the players enter a trance. Guides will ask questions that the player will answer in a trance.

Many people also play the game at sleepovers, campfires, and reunions. It allows players to see the depths of their mind and relate what they see. Many people enjoy the red door yellow doors game because of these issues.

Many stories and scary theories surround the game. This is why the game is getting a lot of buzz on social media. Therefore, players must play at their own risk.

How do you play Red Door Yellow Door?

At least two players are needed for this game. One player acts as the leader, knowing the rules and the other is the one who sees the spooky side.

However, anyone can play the game. You will need candles, matchboxes, quiet places, eye masks, timers, cushions, and voice recorders to play the game.

Start by creating a ritual before you can dive in. You can now find a spot to focus on the task at hand. The leader must cross-legged sit on the ground with the other player.

Next, they must close their eyes and use a mask to protect them. Next, the player must raise their hand in the air while relaxing their eyes. The player must keep their eyes shut during the game.

To put the player into a trance, the leader massages their temples with their hand, repeating “red door”, “yellow door,” and any other color door. The player will experience a state called dreaminess.

The game will begin if the player can see the images in his head and puts their hands down. The leader will ask the player questions and they will respond. The leader will then ask the player to continue and will coordinate the actions of each player.


The timer will then go off, and the player will return to reality. The leader will then ask the player to return to reality from their dream state.

All doors must be shut. This is how to play red, yellow and green doors. Once everyone is clear, the video recorder should be turned off.

Because the alarm clock helps players keep track of time, it is essential. It is essential to keep track of time by setting it on and then turning it off at the end. You must keep the time in mind when playing red door yellow door.

What are the most interesting aspects of this game’ ?

The red door yellow doors game encourages players to explore their minds. This is why the game requires attention. They can sense the environment around them and not even need to open their eyes for more than a few minutes.

The person can describe the environment, their clothes, and other details. There are many types of explorations that can be made. The leader must respect any reluctance by the players to do certain things. They cannot force the players to do things they don’t want to do.

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Here are some things to remember when playing the red and yellow doors.

These are the safety precautions you should take when playing the red-yellow-door game. This is a very dangerous game if you’re looking for thrills. It is a dangerous game that many people advise you to avoid. These are the things you need to remember.

  • It is more fun to move up than down when the players are trying to change the game.
  • You must leave rooms that look like traps.
  • Do not enter dark rooms or people.
  • Try to get out of your rut if you feel stuck.
  • Avoid people who are in the room.
  • Some rooms have holes that can be used to trap people.
  • If the guide sees that the player is acting in distress, he or she must get up and wake them.
  • These are the warning signs you should avoid when playing the game. It is important to be careful when you play it.


You must think many times before you play the red-yellow-door game. This game can be mentally taxing and dangerous. Be aware of the danger.

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