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All 5 Bunny Type Pokemon: [The Complete List]


Bunny type pokemon: Whether you are an avid Pokemon fan or new to the game, you probably have heard of the Bunny-type Pokemon. These types of Pokemon are fun to catch.

They are small and fluffy, and can attack your opponent with a single swing. However, they can also be difficult to catch if you are not careful.

What Are bunny type pokemon?

bunny type pokemon

Bunny type pokemon: Scorbunny

Whether you’re looking for a new Pokemon to add to your collection or you’re a fan of the Pokemon franchise, Scorbunny may just be the answer. This fire-type Pokemon is very active and has a lot to offer.

Scorbunny’s design is based on a white rabbit. Its body is mostly white, with orange markings on its head and paws.

The markings on its feet transition from darker orange to lighter yellow, and it also has reddish-orange patches on the back of its paws.

Its ears are orange with small red tufts, while its nose has a band-aid-like patch that extends across it.

Scorbunny has a large head that is much bigger than its body. This helps the Pokemon to get around better. Its long legs allow it to jump and run high. In addition, it has a strong headbutt and can double-kick.


Originally a Water-type Pokemon, Azumarill evolved into a dual Water/Fairy type Pokemon in Generation 6. The name “Azumarill” is a mix of the names “Azurill” and “Marill.”

Azumarill has long, rabbit-like ears. Its tail has a skinny zig-zag pattern. Its tail glows when it gets excited. Its body is egg-shaped and looks like a beach ball.

Azumarill lives in lakes and rivers. It can swim in water all day long. It also has excellent hearing. It can hear underwater, which helps it identify prey in fast moving rivers.

Azumarill is a powerful battler. It is a powerful counter to Oddish, Amoonguss, and other Dragon-type Pokemon. It can also wallbreak opposing teams.

It is a strong counter to Garchomp and Keldeo. It can also OHKO a variety of grass-type Pokemon.


Initially, Lopunny was only a Bunny Pokemon, but later, it was re-evolved into a Normal-type Pokemon. This is why this Pokemon has such high attack. Lopunny is also a great fighter and martial artist.

Lopunny has long ears, and its ears are a defensive weapon. These ears have a tendency to bounce off the ground, which can help it to avoid attacks. In addition, these ears can also be used as impact weapons.

Lopunny has an acrobatic style, and it also runs with sprightly jumps. Lopunny is considered to be beautiful and sexually appealing.

Lopunny has a long ear, and the ears are big, too. The ears are made of thick tan fur. These ears have an insulating quality, which can help Lopunny survive the winter.


Known as the Digging Pokemon, Diggersby is a bipedal, rabbit-like Pokemon. It has a large body, two long ears, and a short tail. It also has a woolly mass of brown and yellow striped fur around its belly.

The ears of Diggersby are extremely powerful, and function as powerful arms. They are a very helpful asset when digging.

They look like three-pawed hands at the tips, and they can lift large objects. They also look like the arms of a construction vehicle.

Diggersby has brown whiskers on its cheeks and a muzzle that resembles a beard stubble. It also has a pink triangular nose, horizontal pupils, and a squinted white eye.

The ears of Diggersby are long, powerful, and curved. They have three brown spots and claw-like digits at the tips.


Often associated with soccer, Raboot is a Fire-type Pokemon. It is also one of the lighter starter Pokemon. Its Japanese name, Rabifutto, comes from the word “rabbit” and the word “foot”.

Raboot has a tuft of fluffy fur at the center of its belly, as well as a band of bandage-like fur on its forehead. This tuft is designed to generate heat, which is used to create fire-type attacks.

Raboot also has a small, fluffy white tail. The front half of its feet is red, and the rest of its body is mostly black.

It also has a pouch on its stomach that acts as a pocket.

Raboot’s fur is soft and warm, which helps protect it from the cold of the Galar. Its fur is also thick, which allows it to unleash full power faster. In addition, the thick fur protects Raboot’s flame sacs from cold.

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