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When Does Luffy Use Gear 4 Techniques?


Luffy Use Gear 4 Techniques: Luffy’s Devil Fruit is a well-known One Piece character. One of the things that makes Luffy so amazing is the Gomu Gomu no Mi, which has been instrumental in him achieving his goal of becoming the best pirate in the world and discovering the Gol D. Roger’s One Piece treasure.

Luffy’s Gears are the unique skills he’s honed while using his Devil Fruit, but what about Gear Fourth techniques? Luffy employs Gear Four Techniques on a regular basis.

The Gear Four skills were first employed by Luffy in Chapter 784 (“Gear Fourth”) of the manga, and then in Episode 726 (“Gear Fourth! The Phenomenal Boundman!”) of the anime series.

He’s subsequently used them multiple times, introducing additional techniques along the way.

We’ll go through Luffy’s Gear Four methods in greater detail in the remainder of this essay.

You’ll learn when and how he employed each technique, how he obtained them in the first place, and what happens to Luffy when he employs these incredibly strong skills.

Luffy employs the Gear 4 techniques in which episodes?

We can’t really pick one specific episode because Gear Four methods are shown throughout the manga and anime series.

Now, the first Gear Four technique debuted in the manga’s Chapter 784 (“Gear Fourth”), which corresponded to the anime’s Episode 726 (“Gear Fourth! The Phenomenal Boundman!”), but that was merely the overall premiere.

Luffy’s Gear Four Techniques: How Did He Get Them?

The origins of Luffy’s Gear Four status were never completely revealed. After training on Rusukaina, he used the methods for the first time during his fight with Donquixote Doglamifingo.

Gear Fourth, like Gear Second, allows Luffy to create his own techniques by duplicating some of the Rokushiki’s abilities. His “flying” approach, for example, is eerily similar to the Pas de Lune.

Because of the combination of his fruit and his weapon haki, this technique allows Luffy to better use his body’s elasticity: he can not only bounce in the air, but also attack.

When Luffy employs Gear Four Techniques, what happens?

To activate Gear Fourth, Luffy equips one of his arms (usually his left arm) with Haki from the Armament, bites his forearm, and then, similarly to Gear Third, blows an immense amount of air into his body, this time to inflate all of its muscular structure.

Luffy’s body becomes exceedingly stiff as a result of this technique, preventing him from standing on the ground and causing him to bounce.

As a result, he must take off his sandals, which he generally wears at all times. In the manga, he has black skin, while in the anime, he has red skin.

During Rusukaina’s training, the Boundman and Snakeman were both tailored to take down the deadly monsters he encountered. Due to the highly unpredictable nature of the circumstances required to activate this one, it is unknown if the Tankman was prepared in advance by Luffy.

His body is robust enough to endure frontal attacks in this state. However, as Luffy and then Doflamingo pointed out, there appears to be a limit to how long you may utilize the Gear Fourth.

This notion is confirmed in the following chapter, when Luffy, no longer able to operate Gear Fourth, is severely harmed by the technique’s adverse effects.

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