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Will Gon Get His Nen Back?



Gon Freecss is the main protagonist of the popular manga and anime series Hunter x Hunter. He is a young boy who dreams of becoming a Hunter, a person who seeks out rare and valuable items, creatures and secrets.

He also wants to find his father, Ging Freecss, who is a legendary Hunter himself.

One of the most important skills that Hunters need to master is Nen, a technique that allows them to manipulate their life energy or aura. Gon learns Nen from his mentor Wing and develops his own unique abilities based on his personality and potential.

However, in the climactic battle against Neferpitou, one of the strongest enemies in the series, Gon sacrifices his Nen and his future in exchange for a massive boost of power that allows him to defeat his foe.

He does this by making a Nen contract, a vow that imposes a limitation or condition on the user in order to increase their strength.

As a result of his contract, Gon ages rapidly and becomes severely injured. He is on the verge of death until his friend Killua brings him to his sister Alluka, who has a mysterious power to grant wishes.

Alluka heals Gon and restores him to his normal state, but at a cost: Gon loses his ability to sense and control his Nen.

This raises the question: will Gon ever get his Nen back? And if so, how?

The Current Situation

As of May 2023, the manga of Hunter x Hunter is still on hiatus since December 2018. The last chapter that was published was Chapter 390, which is part of the Succession Contest arc.

This arc focuses on the conflict between the princes of the Kakin Empire, who are competing for the throne on a voyage to the Dark Continent, a mysterious and dangerous land that lies beyond the known world.

Gon does not appear in this arc at all. The last time we saw him was in Chapter 388, where he was back in his home island of Whale Island.

He had a phone conversation with his father Ging, who was on board the ship to the Dark Continent. Ging told Gon that he had not lost his Nen, because Nen exists in all living things.

He said that Gon had lost his ability to use it, and that he should be happy that he was back to normal.

Ging also hinted that if Gon wanted more power, he would have to pay a price for it. He suggested that Gon should find something that he wanted to do or see, and then pursue it with passion.

He said that maybe then he would be able to use Nen again.

The Possible Ways

There are several theories and speculations among fans about how Gon could regain his Nen. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Reopening his aura nodes:

One possibility is that Gon could reopen his aura nodes, which are the points in the body where aura flows.

This is how Wing initially taught Gon how to use Nen, by forcibly opening his nodes with his own aura. However, this method is risky and painful, and could cause permanent damage if done incorrectly. It is also unclear if Gon’s nodes are still intact after his contract.

Relearning Nen from scratch:

Another possibility is that Gon could relearn Nen from scratch, by following the natural way of awakening one’s aura through meditation and training.

This is how most people learn Nen in the Hunter x Hunter world, and it is safer and more stable than forcing one’s nodes open.

However, this method is also slower and harder, and it would require Gon to start from zero again.

Finding a new purpose:

A third possibility is that Gon could find a new purpose or motivation that would spark his interest and passion for using Nen again. This is what Ging suggested to him on the phone, and it could be related to finding something new to explore or discover in the world. This method is more vague and uncertain than the others, but it could also be more rewarding and satisfying for Gon as a character.

The Potential Changes

If Gon does manage to get his Nen back somehow, there are some potential changes that could happen to him as a result. Here are some of them:

Changing his Nen type:

One change that could happen is that Gon could change his Nen type, which is the category of aura that he belongs to.

There are six types of Nen: Enhancement (which strengthens one’s physical abilities), Emission (which projects one’s aura over distance), Transmutation (which changes one’s aura into different forms), Conjuration (which creates physical objects from one’s aura), Manipulation (which controls objects or living beings with one’s aura), and Specialization (which has unique abilities that do not fit into any other category).

Gon’s original Nen type was Enhancement, which suited his straightforward and honest personality. However, after his contract, he might have changed into a different type that reflects his new outlook or emotions.

Losing his potential:

Another change that could happen is that Gon could lose some or all of his potential as a Nen user. Potential is the measure of how much one can grow or improve with their abilities, and it is influenced by factors such as talent, personality, experience and desire.

Gon had a very high potential before his contract, which allowed him to develop powerful techniques such as Jajanken (a rock-paper-scissors game with different attacks) and Godspeed (a speed boost that enhances his reflexes).

However, after his contract, he might have sacrificed some or all of his potential for that momentary power boost. This means that he might not be able to reach the same level of strength or skill as before.

Gaining new abilities:

A third change that could happen is that Gon could gain new abilities or techniques as a result of getting his Nen back. This could be related to changing his Nen type or finding a new purpose for using Nen. For example, he might develop new ways of using Jajanken with different types of aura or effects. Or he might create new techniques based on what he wants to do or see in the world.

FAQs: Ultimate Guide To Your Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Gon’s situation:

Q: Does Gon get his Nen back in the anime?

A: No, he does not get his Nen back in the anime. The anime ends at Chapter 339 of the manga, which shows Alluka healing Gon and him meeting Ging on top of the World Tree. The anime does not show whether Gon can use Nen again or not.

Q: Does Killua have anything to do with Gon getting his Nen back?

A: Possibly yes, possibly no. Killua is Gon’s best friend and partner in many adventures. He also has a special bond with Alluka/Nanika, who healed Gon with her wish-granting power. It is possible that Killua could help Gon get his Nen back by asking Alluka/Nanika for another wish or by supporting him in other ways. However, it is also possible that Killua has nothing to do with it at all.

Q: Is there any official confirmation about whether Gon will get his Nen back or not?

A: No, there is no official confirmation about whether Gon will get his Nen back or not. The manga is still on hiatus since December 2018 and there has been no update from the author Yoshihiro Togashi about when it will resume or what will happen next.


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