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How Did Hashirama Die : Who Killed Hashirama?


How did Hashirama die: Out of all the Hokages that exist in the Naruto universe, one stands out above the rest: Hashirama.

For many years, the circumstances surrounding his death have remained a mystery, and if you’re a Naruto fan, you’re undoubtedly wondering what truly happened. So, without further ado, how did Hashirama die, and who was responsible for his death?

Who Killed Hashirama ?

Some fans believe he died as a result of injuries sustained while fighting Madara, while others believe he perished in the battle, and yet others believe he died of old age. There are several speculations about Hasirama’s death and who actually killed him.

What Caused Hashirama’s Death?

Although there is no single explanation that explains how Hashirama died, many Naruto fans have come up with theories about how he died.

Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities that I came up with to help us figure out how Hashirama died. I’m a big fan of Naruto, but some of the theories are insane.

1. Excessive use of His Healing Jutsu

Hashirama possessed a one-of-a-kind form of self-healing Jutsu. He didn’t have to weave his hand to activate the Jutsu, and his cells could multiply and heal any injuries he’d incurred during the combat.

Hashirama was constantly employing his healing Jutsu throughout bouts, which eventually cost him his life.

His life span was lowered every time he utilized his Jutsu, and in the long run, his cells were unable to divide.

If it continues to burn out, it will finally run out, much like a candle. That’s exactly what happened to Hashirama when he used his abilities.

2. Perished in the Battle

Battles were a common occurrence throughout Hashirama’s reign, which led to some people believing he died in one.

Even if this were true, there was no one stronger than Hashirama, and he couldn’t be outnumbered because of his peculiar wood-style Jutsu.

The only person who could challenge him during one of the battles was Madara Uchiha, but he was vanquished, and he was exiled.

Hashirama fought a number of battles that left him terribly ill, and he began to run out of stamina. Many people assume he died in one of the conflicts.

3. Passed away due to old age

Some admirers believe Hashirama died of old age, despite the fact that this idea does not hold much water.

Despite the fact that he was the first Hokage, I do not believe he died of old age, given his vitality and abilities.

I continue to believe that Hashirama died in the conflict, proving that this idea is wrong.

When Hashirama was resurrected from the dead, he appeared considerably younger than when he died, implying that something other than old age killed him.

4. Hashirama was murdered by illness

It’s also thought that the strongest Shinobi in all of Naruto died of a sickness that was slowly killing him.

Despite his flaws, some people believe that a weird disease was devouring Hashirama from the inside out, and that his excessive use of his Jutsu powers made things worse, eventually killing him.

Many people assume he died of the disease, despite the fact that his regeneration ability allowed him to cure viruses, germs, and any other ailment that invaded his body.

Hashirama possessed a number of Jutsu abilities, but his favorite was the wood release, which is a combination of water and earth release.

Who was responsible for Hashirama’s death?

There are many speculations about Hashirama’s death, but who was to blame remains a mystery. If he was murdered, his name would become well-known.

It is unknown who killed Hasirama, however according to the manga, Kakuzu was once dispatched to assassinate Hashirama, but he failed.

Because of his unsuccessful assassination attempt, Kakuzu was expelled from the village. Madara, on the other hand, was unable to kill Hashirama during the combat, leaving no clear answer as to who murdered him. However, there are other logical explanations for Hashirama’s death.

When Hashirama died, how old was he?

Even before Naruto was promoted to Genin, Hashirama had a granddaughter who was born 50 years ago.

Tsunade was the fifth Hokage during a period when Konoha desperately needed a leader.

She was 55 years old throughout the second half of Naruto. As a result of this knowledge, Hashirama may have died when he was around 50 or 60 years old.

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