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Who is Ollie Ball: Why TikToker Ollie is Trending Todays?


Ollie Ball : Ollie ball a 16 year old kid who is from UK, who make lots of videos on tik-tok at his school. Ollie also reviews the food items from his school cafeteria. He has become popular for what he does.

In this article we are discussing about Ollie in brief that how such a 16 year old boy got famed, why he is on trending. But his tik-tok account got banned, know why? Read the full article to know. Follow chopnews to get more updates.

Who is Ollie Ball, and where did he come from?

ollie ball tiktokerOllie Ball is a 16-year-old student and TikToker from the United Kingdom.

Nando’s, Kit Kats, and Cadbury Creme Eggs are among the snacks and foods he frequently reviews.

“Chuck or scran it,” “I’ve got commitment difficulties,” and his tagline “It’s Ollie Ball here” are some of his catchphrases.

“Celebration Costumes Pt3” is Ollie’s most famous TikTok video.

The video received over 2.7 million views, prompting a response from prominent TikTok star Ethan Payne, also known as @notbehzinga.

Why is Ollie Ball so popular?

Ollie has been making waves thanks to his hilarious TikTok videos.

His fame has grown to the point where he now has his own shop where he sells his own stuff.

However, after being “permanently removed” from the social media platform, the youthful content creator has become a trending topic.

Why Ollie Ball’s account was removed from TikTok?

Ollie is said to have been kicked off the TikTok site.

He has been “permanently banned” from the platform for no apparent reason.

“Ollieball12 had been permanently banned for no reason we are attempting to get it restored,” Ollie posted in an Instagram story video.

Fans of the adolescent are outraged at his dismissal.

“How can tik tok ban jacobchuckorscranit all I look forward to these days is hearing ‘it’s Ollie ball here’ then delivering his pounding reviews,” one fan commented on Twitter.

“I’m an actual adult and I’m honestly angry ollie ball’s main tiktok got banned what the f*** is wrong with me why do I find an actual schoolchild so excruciatingly funny,” another said.

Meanwhile, another Ollie supporter commented: “I’m not sure how or why the Ollie Ball Here vids are amusing, but they are. They’re fantastic.”

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