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Who Is Mike Mora? What was His Cause of Death


Mike Mora, Kelis’ husband, died at the age of 37 following a battle with stomach cancer.

Who Is Mike Mora?

Mike Mora, the husband of singer Kelis, died after a fight with stage 4 stomach cancer. He was 37 years old at the time.

“Unfortunately, Mike Mora has died away. Right now, we ask that everyone respect Kelis and her family’s privacy. “Thank you,” Kelis’ manager, Steve Satterthwaite, said in a statement released late Monday to “Entertainment Tonight.”

How Did Mike Mora Die?

Following the news of Mora’s death, his friend Evan Ross posted a now-deleted homage to him.

“We recently lost a brother. “We’ll miss you, Mike,” Ross posted on Instagram. “Reminiscing of some of the wonderful experiences we’ve had together.”

Everything I saw you do,” he added. It was created with zeal. I enjoyed reconnecting with you once more. Hearing about your children and the life you and your wife have created is very inspiring.

All of my prayers and love are being sent to your family, brother. The 42-year-old singer of “Milkshake” has remained silent about her husband’s death.

Mora first revealed his diagnosis in October 2021, telling followers that he had been covertly fighting the disease for a year, with doctors warning him he only had 18 months to live at the time of his diagnosis.

He claimed that he began to feel “the worst pain” in his stomach, spreading to other regions of his body.

Appetite loss is common. My back pain began to worsen as well… Mora added in his post, “I finally resolved to do something about it.” “It was a little later than expected.” However, it was just in time.”

“I just believed I had an ulcer the whole time,” he continued. I had no idea what was about to happen to me. Amid the pandemic, I was lying in a hospital bed. “I’m on my own.”

Mora stated that he was disclosing his diagnosis not for attention but rather to “assist those who may be going through something similar.”

He and Kelis had two children together: Shepherd, six, and Galilee, one. With ex-husband Nas, she has a 12-year-old kid named Knight.

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