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Lucile Randon Death Cause: World’s Oldest Person Dead at 118


Lucile Randon Death Cause: We are sad to announce that the world’s oldest person has died. He was a French nun. Yes, Lucile Randon, the oldest French nun, died.

Sources say that Lucile Randon was more commonly known as Sister Andre, who lived for 118 years and 340 consecutive days.

After Kane Tanaka’s passing, she has been the oldest living person in the world since April 19, 2022.

She was also the oldest person to survive the COVID-19 pandemic, having tested positive for SARS CoV-2 one month before her 117th Birthday.

Many people have taken to social media to express condolences and pay respects to her family since the announcement of her death.

David Tavella, a spokesperson for Tuesday, stated that Sister Andree, according to sources, died in her sleep at Toulon’s nursing home.

After being converted to Roman Catholicism at a young age, she was a Roman Catholic nun. She also served as a teacher, governess and missionary until her retirement at 75.

From 2009 to her final breath, she had been in Toulon’s nursing home.

Sister Andree, at the age of 118, took her final breath on January 17, 2023 in Toulon. Continue reading to learn more about Sister Andree.

Lucile Randon death cause

Lucile Randon was born in Ales, France on February 11, 1904 to her father Paul Randon, and his mother Alphonsine Delphine Yeta Sououl.

Sources indicate that her siblings were three of her older brothers and a twin brother named Lydie, who died one year after their birth.

She became a governess at the age of 12 to three children from Marseille.

She was later given more responsibility by being hired as a teacher and governess by a wealthy family in Versailles.

Her father, a prominent pastor, was her father and she grew up in a Protestant household.

At the age of 19, she converted to Catholicism. Randon joined the Daughters of Charity in 1944.

Randon was sent to Vichy as a missionary after the end of World War II. There she helped orphans and elders.

According to a spokesperson, “REST IN PEACE” was the message sent to the news agency. Lucile Randon, a French nun, was the world’s oldest person.

She is also known as Sister Andre. She died in her sleep at her Toulon nursing home.

Many mourn the loss of Lucile Randon. He will always be remembered for his kindness and beautiful nature.

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