Home Biography Who is Leyman Lahcine? Know All About Paloma Faith Boyfriend

Who is Leyman Lahcine? Know All About Paloma Faith Boyfriend

Who is Leyman Lahcine? Know All About Paloma Faith Boyfriend
Leyman Lahcine

Leyman Lahcine: Leyman Lachine a well-known French artist who is also famous for being the husband of Paloma Faith. Leyman was born in 1987 at Grenoble. He also like travelling. He is also a popular artist and his art is appreciated London.His fans are being curious about him.

In this article we are discussing about Leyman Lahcine wiki, married life, children, net worth, socials and more. So lets jump into the article to know what happened. Follow more updates on chopnews

Leyman Lahcine husband of Paloma Faith


Leyman Lahcine is a French artist who rose to recognition as Paloma Faith’s husband. He was born in the French city of Grenoble in 1987.

He’s lived, worked, and travelled all over the world, but he spent the majority of his time in New York before settling in London in 2014.

Leyman’s strange and imaginative art has been shown in both New York and London.

He held an exhibition at Maison Bertaux, a bakery with its own art gallery, in 2015.

Leyman enrolled at Kingston University in 2015. He received his master’s degree in fashion in 2016.

He enjoys working with colour palettes in addition to his passion for fashion.

When Leyman moves his hand, it indicates that enjoyment is more important to him than the shock factor. He is frequently referred to as a Postwar and Contemporary French painter.

Leyman Lahcine has been with Paloma Faith for how long?

Since early 2013, the happy pair has been dating.

The singer has stated unequivocally: “My husband’s name is Leyman. A marriage certificate is not required.”

Paloma married taxidermist Rian Hayes in 2003, but the couple split a year later in 2005.

In a 2015 interview with Glass magazine, Leyman said that he loved living in London because it was there that he met “the love of my life.”

Lahcine’s Children

Since 2013, Paloma Faith has been dating Leyman Lahcine. They are the parents of two children.

On December 5, 2016, Paloma announced the birth of her kid with Leyman, informing followers that the birth had been difficult and demanded an emergency caesarean section.

She was shortly discovered to be the mother of a girl. The couple welcomed their second daughter into the world on February 20, 2021.

Paloma married taxidermist Rian Hayes in 2003, but the couple divorced a year later in 2005.

In 2015, Leyman told Glass magazine that he liked living in London since he met “the love of my life” there.

Lahcine Leyman: Net Worth

Leyman’s net worth has remained a closely guarded secret. On the other hand, his net worth is reported to be around $1 million. Because he hasn’t disclosed his net worth, this is merely an estimate.

His work has been displayed in a variety of venues, including Pelicans and Parrots in London and Jinny Gallery in New York, among others.

Gentlemen’s Recess is his company, and he is the founder and creative director. In 2016, while still in college, he designed knitted jumpers with the face of a liberation warrior, and as a fashion designer, he grabbed the attention of the fashion industry.

Leyman Lahcine social media account

On Instagram, Leman Lahcine goes by the handle @leymanlahcine. He has 2,234 followers on Instagram and 183 posts.

He just has a single upload of his artwork on his Instagram account. He hasn’t shared any personal photos, implying that his personal life is kept private.

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