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Who is Andrew Stone & How did he Died?


Andrew Stone Death: Owner of the Toronto jewellery company Himalayan Gems, Andrew Stone, was killed in an accident. We are very sorry to inform you that Andrew Stone, a former owner of Himalayan Gems, passed away on September 15, 2022.

Members of his family tweet about his news. People are paying him homage on social media, and Twitter is buzzing with news of his passing.

People who know him are talking about him, and if you’re interested in learning more about him, we’ve included some information on him and his business in the following area. His death’s cause and other information are covered in this paragraph. Let’s have a look at the part after this.

Who Was Andrew Stone?

andrew stone

He was a businessman who owned a jewel company and was in his 70s. Orders are transported from Canada and this business is a jewellery store operated by Canadians.

He initially went to India in the Himalayas in 1975. He went on an expedition there while he was there and fell in love with the art and culture of India. In 1983, he established his jewellery company with a former classmate.

They worked on silversmith, precious stones, and beads. Many people contributed to the success of this venture. Initially, he sold his jewellery to wholesalers before selling it to small boutiques and other businesses.

Why did Andrew Stone pass away?

According to information, he met with a car accident in which he apparently perished, and people are curious as to what caused his death. He passed away on September 15th.

He was also rushed to the hospital for treatment, but he passed away there and there. Asha Norrhasan, who posted a lot about him on social media, first informed his family and friends of his passing. In the area below, we have included his memorials and obituary information.

Obituary and Tributes for Andrew Stone

As we previously mentioned, journalist and reporter Asha conveyed Andrew Stone’s news and paid him honour by mentioning that he was her first jewellery guest to appear on TSC and that she had also taken a photo with him seven years earlier.

She said that he was a special member of the TSC family, so on September 16, 2022, at noon, we will honour him. Many other people pay him tribute as well because some of them valued the work his organisation did.

We send our condolences to his family, and we pray for eternal peace for him.

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