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What Is A Rope Bunny?: Meaning & Definition


The term “rope bunny” is used in the BDSM to describe someone who enjoys being tied down or confined to their bed while engaging in sexual activities. The submissive in a relationship is frequently the one who is restrained while the dominant has their way with them.

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What is the meaning of Rope Bunny?

rope bunny

A person who enjoys being bound with rope is known as a “rope bunny.” This might be for a number of the causes listed below.

Someone is not automatically a submissive just because they are a rope bunny. They might only be a “bottom.” However, given the terminology, this frequently occurs, along with referring to a female rather than a guy. As with most things in BDSM, this is by no means an absolute rule.

A rigger, or the person who ties the knots, is the opposite of a rope bunny.

Why be a Rope Bunny?

Why be a Rope Bunny?

Here are a few of the reasons for wanting to be a Rope Bunny, they are discussed below:

1. To emphasise their submissive nature

As a way of demonstrating their submissiveness to their dom, some submissives in dom sub relationships don’t mind being confined, which is not surprising. You don’t have to be obedient to appreciate being restrained; you might simply be the “bottom,” or the one who is subjected to punishment.

If my sub tied me up, for instance, she would become the top and I would become the bottom, but she would continue to be the sub and I would continue to be the domino.

2. As a creative outlet

Rope bondage, also known as Shibari, may be stunningly aesthetic when done properly. Instead of being sexual, some Rope Bunnies may just like the way it feels and looks.

3. To relax

Some individuals with anxious or overactive brains find that the act of being constrained by a rope helps them focus. It is immensely soothing for them to go into a calm state when their brain isn’t working overtime.

These types of Rope Bunny may feel sleepy after being bound by rope and need a nap.

4. For kinky play

Some Rope Bunnies like the rush of having sex while restrained. Being constrained and letting their partner take advantage of them (as long as it was all mutually agreed upon in advance, of course) are both very appealing ideas.

Being a Rope Bunny with safety

Being a Rope Bunny with safety

The risk of rope bondage is inherent. After all, it does have a history of being used to secure jails and as a kind of torture. Because of this, it is crucial that you take the proper safety measures to safeguard yourself anytime you engage in restraint.

Among them are, but not restricted to:

  • Having EMT shears available in case the rope bunny encounters problems so that they may cut the rope.
  • If the person wasn’t tied down properly, a serious harm could result from a fall.
  • Without entangling the nerves or becoming too tight to prevent blood flow
  • Deciding on a verbal and nonverbal communication strategy so you can alert your partner if you run into problems.

What to do if you want to be a bunny rope?

What to do if you want to be a bunny rope?

You have a few alternatives for getting started if you want to become a Rope Bunny.

  • Go to a local Shibari meet: You might be fortunate enough to have a rope bondage meet close by if you reside in a major city. These welcoming organizations meet frequently, and some even offer sessions. They’re a terrific location to meet new people and discover a Rigger, who is the tying equivalent of a Rope Bunny.
  • Ask your dom: Ask the dom you are already dating if they would be interested in being your rigger. They might already possess unexpected rope talents that you were unaware of!
  • Learn online: YouTube is flooded with videos on how to do the fundamentals of rope bondage. Watch their tutorials, then have your partner practice tying ties on you. If you’re looking for a comprehensive course on rope bondage that is great for beginners and also covers its sexual implications, I have one available online.
  • Tie yourself up: You can even tie yourself up, that’s right! It’s yet another excellent approach to determine whether you appreciate the feeling of being bound by a rope.

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