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Visit Bifrost Marks As Thor


‘Fortnite’ Bifrost Marks Locations: Where Should Thor Go To See Bifrost Marks?

Visit Bifrost Marks As Thor : It’s not enough to just wield Mjolnir; you’ll need some Bifrost Marks as well.

I don’t set the rules, and I don’t pretend to comprehend them, but I can read challenge descriptions in Fortnite.

I’ve got you covered if you acquired the Season 4 battle pass and are seeking for the Bifrost Marks for the Thor’s Awakening challenges.

There is now a small sign on the map for the challenges, however it merely shows you where to go in general.

If you know what to look for, you may find them on the map as well: a smattering of small circles that appear to be out of place.

They’re not far from the hammer and the new Sentinel Graveyard. Here’s where you should start:

I propose capturing Mjolnir and these runes all at once: the rest of these challenges require you to take them one at a time, but these are the only two that can be completed in one battle.

All you have to do now is put on the Thor skin and run over the runes; you’ll hear a sound cue and the task will be completed.

I then jumped off the side of the mountain because I had more trials to do, but you might not be as daring.

These Awakening tasks remind me a little bit of the Prisoner questline from Chapter 1 of Season 7, which is still one of my favourite challenges in the game.

It’s a means of telling a little, thin storey in the context of a battle royale contest, and I still enjoy it whenever Epic manages to do so.

Thor’s Awakening has one more step, which, unsurprisingly, takes place atop a mountainside.

These challenges have been a fun way to spend a morning, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they turn out as we progress through the weeks.

Even though I favour Epic’s own designs as a rule, this season is already building up to be a standout.

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