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Youtube’s Top 10 Best Gamers



Top 10 best Gamers on Youtube Hi, Guys. Today I will be share much exciting information on the topic of Youtube’s Top 10 best Gamers.

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Youtube’s Best Gamers

Youtube’s Top 10 Best Gamers

The Gamers on YouTube have been providing excellent content for their viewers. With a COVID-19 Quarantine Guidelines. Many gamers have seen a slight current increase in their views and subscriber counts at home and on the internet.

We will dive into the top 10 gamers on YouTube from FPS to MMO and everything in between. The YouTube gamers are some of the best.


It is a Swedish gamer and internet sensation. PewDiePie currently defense an impressive mark at 105 million subscribers on YouTube. PewDiePie has joined the YouTube gaming community in the year 2010. Quickly it grew famous with the Let’s Play series and first-person thriller games after pairing his playful attitude with his passion for gaming. The PewDiePie promptly became a household name and broke the mold on what was earlier found not possible for gaming on YouTube. As a renowned YouTuber, Pewdiepie is taking his success sitting area with a 10-year celebration of his profession.


This Chilean YouTube star and comedian German Garmendia is one of the most desirable talents on youtube with 39.8 million subscribers. German has climbed the youtube position. Begin in the year 2011, HolaSoyGerman found his fan as a Spanish comedian. 

But his uncontrollably exuberant personality and a sharp sense took YouTube through a storm. In 2015, this star won two Diamond Play Button awards from YouTube; his channels reached 57 million subscribers. JuegaGerman has constantly developed slowly and had now found himself among some of the world’s best.


El Rubius is better known as elrubiusOMG. It is a Spanish YouTube gamer and also a vlogger. ElrubiusOMG found his home on YouTube with a daily vlog, gameplay, and subscriber challenges. He quickly rises to the most subscribed YouTube channel in Spain by the year 2012 and in the year 2015.

It is becoming the first Spanish YouTube channel to reach around 10 million subscribers with an impressive 37.9 million subscribers on elrubiusOMG. It is seeing for the top position on subscriber charts and posting quality content when he can.


With an impressive 36.3 million subscribers on this, Fernanfloo takes the fourth position as a YouTube Gamer and Twitch. Tv star. Begins in the year 2011, Fernanfloo has fused his comedic edge with his gaming skills.

In just five years, it managed to gain 10 million subscribers. The El Salvador Fernanfloo is the number one web star in his native place as he processes comedy vlogging. Fernanfloo remains true to what he has always been famous for, like gaming.


Samuel de Luque is better known as Vegetta777. It is a Spanish gamer on YouTube who has made a name for itself in RPG gameplay like Minecraft. Vegetta777 energy of his viewers with his unique narrative style that usually includes multiple YouTubers on a Discord Channel.

Idea unicorns to his on-stream madness, Vegetta777 has provided unique content to both Spanish and English viewers to an impressive 30.1 million subscribers on Vegetta777 is on his path to being crowned as the best.


It is a Brazilian YouTube star and a gamer specializing in gaming and personal vlogging. RezenDeevil develops well on Over the Top comedy. Around 27.2 million subscribers, RezenDeevil is the number 10 most subscribed gaming channel on YouTube.

It is an impressive mark in his career. In the year 2016, he won the Brazilian Kids Choice award owing to his internet success. His dream for gaming and vlogging has made him an international sensation as he continues to grow his channel.


It is one of the most sincere and genuinely good YouTubers on the platform—Markiplier hikes in 25.9 million subscribers. Markiplier’s YouTube channel began in the year 2012.

It is instantly was a smash hit by utilizing his positive attitude for gaming. Markiplier got to fame with his passion and love for gaming and vlogging and his connection to the audience.

In the year 2014, he entered the top 100 most subscribed YouTube channels. One of the top YouTube Gamers with positivity, humility, and enthusiasm makes him a very suitable YouTuber to users from all ways of life.


VanossGaming started in the year 2015. It is a gaming content channel that featured some of the newest and best games in the community. As his channel grew, he also focused on playing video games with the others.

YouTube personalities create a comedic value equal to YouTube at 25.1 million subscribers. Vanossgaming has stayed true to its roots and continues to spread happiness with other YouTube gamers. He makes his path through some of the best games currently released.


Jacksepticeye is a top entertainer on YouTube. It has continued to produce gaming content since the year 2012. When he started his career at 24.1 million subscribers, Jacksepticeye has made enormous growth.

Since beginning his channel, thanks to his attractive titles and funny video ideas. In the year August 2018, he became the most subscribed Irish YouTube star. Now he is on his path to becoming a top 5 gamer on YouTube.


A professional Fortnite player and twitches Tv streamer. Ninja got his fame when Fortnite was released. He invented an overall aim to increase the chances of winning. He gained a big following and, in the end, started to sign sponsorships with a massive company.

Like Red Bull, after he went into professional gaming, he was even popular enough to have Drake at one of his streams; in 2018, he played this game, Fortnite. In any case, he is a way of life what it means to be a gamer and attracting nearly 23.6 million people to his content recently.

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