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Top 5 PC RAM for Gaming


Top 5 PC RAM for gaming: Hi, Friends Today I am going to share some interesting information on the topic of Top 5 PC RAM for gaming.

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Top 5 PC RAM for Gaming


Ensuring the PC is packed with the best RAM for gaming is essential. If one wants to get the highest point performance out of the system. There is something truly satisfying about that changes quickly. Click as one pop some new RAM sticks into the PC build. And, though it may not be quite. As satisfying as dropping the best graphics card into the system. It’s just as vital.

Making sure that one gets PC memory right will mean the difference between. The build turning out as a shining light of gaming glory. o A useless junk tower.

Our short and sweet give a brief summary of something is this. If one just wants to make a square pick that is based on rough speed. The capacity, then 16 or 32GB at 3,200MHz which should see any Intel. AMD CPU performs. However, if one wants to make a more informed decision then one will find below a list of kits that we have tested. At differing price points, so one can spend the money well.

When selecting the best DDR4 RAM for gaming. There are several things that one has to take into account. First, consider the total capacity of memory that is one looking for. We recommend a minimum of 16GB for most serious gaming PCs. It is what we use in our high-end PC build. But it is not too costly to upgrade to 32GB.

Best PC for Gaming

These days thanks to a recent pricing crash. That capacity will provide large various devices. If one is leaning toward multitasking, creative or intensive apps. I know heavy Chrome tab usage and check out our handy guide. if one is wondering how much RAM one is actually needed.

The second thing to consider is the speed of the memory. Generally, we like to stick with two DDR4 modules. Each with a minimum of 3,000MHz clock speed. That should ensure that one is getting the most out of the best CPUs for gaming. With Intel, one can essentially settle for whatever the best kit that one can afford is. But AMD Ryzen cause will want to look a little deeper.

Essentially one wants to aim for 3,733MHz memory for Zen 2 (Ryzen 3000) chips. For Ryzen 5000 CPUs, it has been suggested that 4,000MHz kits are the best bet.

We cover all of this and more in our RAM speed for gaming analysis of a topic. Including the slightly more in-depth metric of memory manifest. Today there are even more affordable low-latency options around. Many perfect for AMD Ryzen gaming PCs. So don’t be afraid to chase down a pair of quick sticks for maximum system optimization.

The Top 5 PC RAM for gaming are:


With the Speed of DDR4-3600MHz, Timing of14-15-15-35, CAS latency: 14, its Voltage: 1.45v and DIMMs: 2x 8GB. It is great for AMD Ryzen Subtle and RGB Great price.

With a CAS latency of 14, the Team Xtreem kit is leading the way in low-latency RAM. That is favored by gaming PCs. Especially AMD Ryzen set up. As such, it takes the top position as our pick for the best RAM for gaming.

Not all that long ago a kit was curvaceous on both prices. The performance would have been a distant dream. However, a recent DRAM price crash and an increasing process maturity in the DDR4. The production means kits like this can frequently be found for far less than. They would have been only a couple of years ago.

That is great news for those of one eyeing up AMD’s Ryzen CPUs. Which favors a memory clock around the 3,600MHz mark. Thus ensuring the state of the Fabric clock is kept at a 1:1 ratio with the memory. The chip is strong over happily with minimal latency penalties. A kit like the Team Xtreem is best for AMD Ryzen CPUs.

Even the RGB lighting on this kit is kept within moderation. Each DIMM feature spread over a wide area of RGB lighting. It creates a removal of incident radiation effect. And while that does not sound great on paper. But it is surprisingly smart in the flesh.

If one wants to make an amount out of all the CPU has to offer. Ensure the system looks fresh in the process. The Team Xtreem ARGB kit is a great option for just a shame about the name.

2. Corsair Dominator Platinum of RGB 32GB DDR4-3200MHz

With the Speed of DDR4-3200MHz, Timing of 16-18-18-36, CAS Latency: 16, with the Voltage of 1.35V, and DIMMs: 2x 16GB.

The Ultra-bright Capellix RGB LEDs, Dominator DHX heat-spreaders, and also Advanced iCUE software.

Corsair has performs itself with the Dominator Platinum RGB. The original DDR4 kit has been our favorite high-end memory. The bundle for quite some time now. Its smooth exterior patented DHX cooling technology, and better than everyone performance have made it a capable flagship over the years. Frequently topping our best RAM for gaming list. Now, the iconic Dominator Platinum is back with a behaving new design. The Corsair’s new Capellix LED technology.

The Dominator Platinum RGB has taken the same best product performance as the original. It adds higher-clocked SKUs and 12 individually addressable Capellix RGB LEDs. The new LEDs are brighter and more efficient than the previous process. They are only available from Corsair. Combined with Corsair’s iCUE software. The Dominator Platinum RGB has become both the best RGB. Its high-end performance kit.

The price does not differ too much from the original. The non-RGB Dominator Platinum. But one is still paying a large premium compared to some of the other kits that are mentioned in this guide. We still think it is well worth every money if one can afford it. Whichever capacity kit one should go for.

3. G.Skill Trident Z Neo of 32GB DDR4-3600MHz

The Speed of DDR4-3600MHz, Timing of 18-22-22-42, CAS Latency, 18, with the Voltage of 1.35V and DIMMs: 2x 16GB.

Its High speed and high capacity RGB kit are optimized for AMD Ryzen to builds.

G.Skill’s Trident Z RGB RAM has powered our guide for years now. It is no surprise the company’s Trident Z Neo series has also earned a position here. Similar to the original Trident Z RGB series. The Trident Z Neo comes equipped with brilliant RGB lighting. That is done in a very tasteful manner. More importantly, the Neo series is making the best for AMD Ryzen. To builds which make this budget-friendly option the perfect choice for a limited amount of money to spend Ryzen PCs.

Similar to the overall performance of the Ryzen PC build. The Trident Z Neo offers a fantastic sudden loud for the article. One can get a 32GB kit for under the price of $200. This means one can also easily upgrade the machine. To an admittedly unnecessary 64GB of high-speed DDR4 memory down the road.

Like its situation, the Trident Z Neo comes at various speeds. The configurations are ranging from 2,600MHz all the way up to 3,800MHz. Each module comes up equipped with around five individually addressable RGB LEDs. That can light up any PC to build beautifully.

4. G.Skill Trident Z Royal of 16GB DDR4-4000MHz

The Speed of DDR4-4000MHz, Timing of 15-16-16-36, CAS Latency: 15, the voltage of 1.5V, and DIMMs: 2x 8GB.

The High frequency and Great for Intel CPU S H I N Y.

It is known for a superb store in a bin memory and high-speed kits. The G.Skill’s Trident Z Royal blends a 4,000MHz that has an effective operation with a highly stylized design. These DIMMs are just asking to be put in a highly prominent position. An issue that has taken center stage in the campaign is a showpiece gaming PC build. It would be far from a stand either.

Best suited to high-performance Intel builds. Like those are built around the Core i9 10900K. The Trident Z Royal makes for the perfect high-speed pairing. This kit will keep the CPU fed with the data it needs at a rapid rate. It comes out among the top in every benchmark we could throw at it.

There is also room to overclock this kit if one can see fit. We managed to push it to 4,400MHz without an increase in the voltage. Although we were forced to lower the latency. Touch for the kit to yield to our OC demands.

Whereas one may want to choose a slower of 3,600MHz kit for AMD Ryzen. The Trident Z is a great option for most other high-end PC builds.

5. G.Skill Ripjaws V of 16GB DDR4-2400MHz

The Speed of DDR4-2400MHz, Timing of 15-15-15-35, CAS Latency: 15, Voltage of 1.2V, and DIMMs: 2x 8GB.

The Decent pricing and great overclocking of the headroom

The G.Skill Ripjaws V is the second generation of DDR4 memory from G.Skill. It is clear the company listened to the feedback and criticisms from the customers. The new series is more affordable, faster, and has a less not having passive heat exchanger. We found the 16GB Ripjaws V kit to be the best option for a decent capacity kit. It features great performance right out of the box.

Immediately, without any overclocking, the Ripjaws V did exceptionally well in our benchmarks. Beating several kits in the 2,400MHz ranges. Despite this, one can still achieve an overclock to 2,800-3,000MHz with a simple light blow in the voltage. One might even reach 3,200MHz or higher. Though one is likely to hit some stability issues. With a reasonable price, whether running the stock or overclocked. G.Skill Ripjaws V is hard to beat.

So, this is the important information on the topic of Top 5 PC RAM for gaming. Here I have mentioned the Features and descriptions.

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