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Top 5 Things to Do in Sri Lanka


Top 5 Things to Do in Sri Lanka: Sri lanka is one on the most beautiful place on earth and if you love to explore nature then I highly recommend you to visit Sri lanka. You will definitely enjoy these top 5 things to do in Sri Lanka. You can also enjoy some most popular extreme sports in Sri lanka. So, what are you waiting for look into my latest collection of “Top 5 things to do in Sri Lanka”.

Top 5 Things to Do in Sri Lanka

1. Pidurangala

Pidurangala is located just off Sigiriya, the 8th wonder of the world and has been where the king has been to worship. It had also functioned as a huge monastery for the arhath monks who had stayed meditating in the rocky caves. Currently it’s a beautiful location for you to get unbelievably amazing panoramic views of the surrounding areas including the picturesque Sigiriya. The history of Pidurangala goes all the way back to the Great King Ravana’s era according to the folklore and other historical evidence. This is one place one shouldn’t miss and please keep it litter-free and help protect it.

2. Citadel of Sigiriya – Lion Rock

Sigiriya Lion Rock is perhaps the most famous attraction in Sri Lanka. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and it dates back, very impressively, to the 4th century AD. Which makes it a must do and a must see. The climb looks daunting but it’s actually very doable. Elderly ladies hobbling barefoot in their saris were overtaking us on the way up. That should tell you something. It’s about 200 metres up, but consists of a series of steps and staircases. It gets VERY crowded so go early. Like, 7am type of early. Be careful of the guides which will try n offer their services to tell u about the place, you can surely bargain as they not always are on official duty.

3. Little Adam’s Peak

There was a beautiful view of Ella Rock at sunset and you can have a very easy walk. The trail is clearly demarcated and truthfully you don’t need a guide to find your way to the top. You will find there are two peaks with different views; the second peak is a bit more challenging of a walk but also a short one. This is a must visit place in Ella which gives you most beautiful views all around. And this is not a hard climb. This peak is well worth a visit. The path is well laid out and passes through interesting scenery and the view from the top is amazing. I highly recommend you to visit this place if you are planning to explore srilanka

4. Sigiriya World Heritage Site

This place is for you; if you like adventure, interested history buff , fitness freak, enjoy nature and serene views. A world heritage site and is definitely a must if in Lanka, the place is filled with photo opportunities, if you are hobbyist photographer ensure you carry all your gear. , If you are a history buff a little research beforehand will make your climb up really interesting. The artwork and murals have a history! The history of a king and his women!!

The views from the top are impressive and there are a number of places that you can stop on the way up but once you start the last ladder climb that is it until you reach the top.

5. Lipton’s Seat

The view from Liptons seat really is impressive. Most of the road is through the tea plantations although certain parts are a little on the edge. The top is really safe and there is even a small cafe although and you can have tea in cafe. You can get a three wheeler if you are not a fan of hiking. It would cost you $10. The ride is between the misty tea estates. Walking there is like you are waling among the clouds. If you are lucky enough you can see five provinces there with Udawalawa tank, Handapanagala tank and Chandrika tank.

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