Home News NASCAR suspends Josh Williams for Parking at Start-Finish Line

NASCAR suspends Josh Williams for Parking at Start-Finish Line


On Tuesday, Josh Williams was given a one-race suspension as punishment for parking his car at the start-finish line at Saturday’s NASCAR Xfinity race at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Williams accepted his punishment, but expressed no regret over what led to it. As such, he will miss this Saturday’s Xfinity race at Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas.

NASCAR recently declared Williams suspended for disobeying their request during the race at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

NASCAR ordered Williams to park his car in a garage after debris came off during the race, prompting a caution. Instead, Williams pulled up to the checkered start-finish line, got out, and walked towards his pit crew with a wave to the fans as they cheered him on.

Williams complained to his crew via radio before exiting the car. He stated it was apparently NASCAR regulations to park your vehicle following any kind of wreck. Insisted Williams: “This is some bull you know what. I’ve never heard of this in my life.”

On Tuesday, Williams shared a statement on his Twitter account to express his appreciation to fans and sponsors alike for their support

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“I fully support what I did and don’t regret a single decision I made,” Williams declared before adding: “NASCAR deserves credit for these decisions and will always remain committed to them.”

Williams shared an image of “park it” T-shirts that can be purchased, with proceeds going to hospitals he supports. Since 2015, Williams has conducted his Josh Williams Hospital Tour across more than 140 children’s and other hospitals around the country.