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Ze Bella Zangalewa Died: Cameroonian Artist Dead At 71


Ze Bella Zangalewa Died: The founder and leader, Jean Paul Ze Bella, of the Zangalewa group, died on Sunday, January 15, 2023.

This is incredibly sad. Uncounted reactions began to hit the headlines as soon as the news was spread via social networking sites.

No one could have imagined that their faces would collide with such terrible news one day. You will find additional information and some undiscovered facts below.

According to the reports, the deceased was diagnosed with severe illness and was under medical observation.

They hope that they can bring him back to life while blessing him with more breath. They couldn’t make him live because he was not receiving any treatment.

This is why he had to go. Despite his critical health, medical staff tried to save him but had to stop short of the problem.

Who was Jean Paul Ze Bella?

Ze Bella Zangalewa Died

According to some reports, Ze Bella was the music performer of the band that sang the popular song “Zamina mina (Zangalewa).” It was sung by a Makossa band from Cameroon and became a huge hit in 1986.

He is the well-known author of “Waka Waka”, which was remixed by Shakira. Officially included in the FIFA World Cup Song 2010. Ze Bella was the leader in the group.

They were pleased that Shakira, a world music icon, had remixed their song for the World Cup anthem.

However they wanted to be properly credited as well as adequately neutralized.

We have provided information that has been derived from other sources. If something happens, we will notify you.

Our team is always looking for more information so when it comes out, we will let you know.

You don’t need to go looking for information as there are many different stories.

As no statements have been made by his family, there has been no information on the cremation. We will pray for his peace and comfort (RIP Ze Bella).

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