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Top 5 Best Universities in India



Top 5 Best Universities in India: Colleges ! Quality Education is the dream of every student and his/her family, rather it be the primary education or a degree, we always want the best, and we can’t compromise in this. Are you a 12th pass out? Looking for a University? or a Best University? Here, we are with a solution to your problem, we are up with the list of “TOP 5 BEST UNIVERSITIES IN INDIA”.

Top 5 Best Universities in India

1. Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Best Universities in India

The #1 on the list the Indian Institute of Science Bangalore (IISc Bangalore) is a specialised public university which grows up the way for the youth of India in the BRICS ranking, at 6th place this year. Also it has made its debut as the appearance in the whole QS World University Rankings in the 2015/16 edition, in which it got ranked on the 147th place. Situated between the center of research institutes in the north of the city of Bangalore, IISc Bangalore is a well and great regarded for its research in the infinte world of technology as well as engineering.

2. Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai (IITB)

Best Universities in India

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay also known as (IIT Bombay) hurdles up from 16th to the 13th place in this year’s BRICS ranking. It was founded in the year 1958 and since the it has established itself as the best and one of the top universities over India. Focally being a technical institution very wel known for its education in engineering and science courses, IITB also offers a large variety of arts and humanities programs. IITB builds up the links with peer universities and institution both in India as well as abroad, actually in order to enhance up the research and the study programs available.

3. Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IITD)

Best Universities in India

The Indian Institute of Technology Delhi also popular know as (IIT Delhi) is been ranked on the number 15th in the BRICS ranking this year. Originally it was founded as an engineering college in the mid 90’s year 1961, and it now has about 11 inter-disciplinary centers, formally in which the engineering and science programs of IITD often get overlapped. Having a 325 acre campus that is located in the Hauz Khas are, that is south of the capital city of New Delhi. This campus is also nearby and a bit close to a number of other universities and institutions present there. Consisting Jawaharlal Nehru University aka (JNU) and the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT).

4. Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IITM)

Best Universities in India

Positioned as 19th in the BRICS ranking this year, the Indian Institute of Technology Madras also popular and famed as (IIT Madras) is one of the another best and fabulous top Indian universities that had been founded in the mid-20th century (1959). This university of Madras has nearly around 8,000 students in current, enrolled at its main campus in Chennai (formerly known as Madras), which is the biggest and largest cultural, economic and education center all over the South India.

5. Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IITK)

Best Universities in India

IITK or The Indian Institute of technology, situated in Kanpur also founded in 1959, places and ranks up 22nd in the BRICS ranking this year. Situated on the extensive and huge 1,000 acre grounds just outside the popular city of Kanpur (in the north of Uttar Pradesh), having round about 7,000 students enrolled in the University. Like other many institutes of technology in India , its mainly focuses on subjects of engineering and technology, but it also does offers a selection of numerous programs in arts, humanities and social sciences.


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