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khan sir or amit singh

Khan Sir Bio, Family, Net worth, Wife, Real Name & Religion

Khan Sir is a very famous Youtuber, he teach general awareness and current affairs for different kind of exams like railway, NDA, CDS, Navy,...

Learning the Basics of Excel Spreadsheet and Other Helpful Tips

Recent data shows that around 750 million people use Microsoft Excel from around the world. Excel software is primarily used for capturing and manipulating...
Intricate text

Intricate Text Exact Meaning – Grammarly Definition

Meaning of Intricate Text Exactly: Hi, Friends Today, I am sharing more exciting information on the topic of Intricate Text. Please move on to...
University of Southern California

Top 5 Colleges in California

Top 5 Colleges in California: Hey guys welcome to another interesting article. We all know how important role education plays in one's life. So...

Decoding: Tax Liability In Case Of Credit Note

A business involves various kinds of documents that are issued under different circumstances. The supply of goods or services involves essential paperwork, and required...

CBSE Exam: What is Exam Stress & How to Deal with it?

Board exams are very important as they hold the ability to decide the future of a child. And the pressure students face in the...