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To Know More About Brayden Lape ‘The Voice’ Season 22 Finalist


Brayden Lape has quickly earned himself the title of one of The Voice season 22’s fan favorites. His performances throughout the season have only served to highlight his skillset, and he remains in contention for being named its next winner.

No matter what happens next, Brayden has an exciting future in music – already this good at 16 years old! More ‘The Voice’ News: Who is Brayden Lape? He was just your average high school kid before making it big on The Voice. Here’s everything you should know about him.

1. Brayden is proud to be part of Team Blake

Brayden performed a cover of Niall Horan’s “This Town” for his Blind Audition, earning over 1 million views on YouTube. Blake Shelton was the only coach to turn his red chair for Brayden; Camila Cabello encouraged Blake to turn for Brayden, labeling her her “secret weapon.” Since then, Brayden has made it through all other rounds of competition to reach live shows and now the finale.

At the three-way Knockouts, Brayden made Gwen Stefani cry with his touching rendition of “Mercy” by Brett Young. As Blake commented at the time, according to ET, “He’s taken huge steps every time he gets on this stage – so I think once we get into Lives, he could be holding the trophy at the end.”

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2. Brayden hails from Michigan

Brayden hails from Grass Lake, Michigan and currently attends Grass Lake High School. He expects to graduate in 2025.

3. He will return to high school following The Voice

Before the finale results were announced, Brayden revealed his plans for after The Voice. “My path may differ from all these others; I still need to return to high school as a sophomore and finish out my high school career,” he told reporters including HollywoodLife.

“But I want to take this chance and run with it. I’ve written some songs with Morgan Myles that I want to release and hopefully continue working with her because she has been there for me even before the lives began – even before this long process started!”

4. Brayden loves sports

When he’s not singing on stage, Brayden can usually be found out playing sports like football, basketball and baseball – as well as serving as quarterback for his high school football team. He enjoys spending time outdoors as much as possible!

Brayden Lape recently performed on “The Voice” (NBC).

5. He began foc using on music during the COVID-19 pandemic

“During the pandemic, I taught myself guitar and started singing cover songs,” the singer shared with Local Spins. “Over two years I began performing at smaller gigs around town. Since then I’ve written some original material as well as collaborated on a couple more tunes with friends. Next year I plan on recording some music and releasing it online – stay tuned!”

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