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River Where the Moon Rises Was Halted Due Claims Against Its Main Actor Ji Soo


River where the moon rises : On March 4, work on the renowned Korean drama River Where The Moon Rises was halted due to bullying claims levelled against its main actor Ji Soo.

The filming of ‘River Where The Moon Rises’ has been halted due to allegations of bullying

When the 27-year-old actor was in middle school, he was allegedly subjected to physical abuse and sexual assault.

The actor’s agency, KeyEast, promised to thoroughly investigate the allegations, and the actor soon after wrote an apology message on his Instagram account, acknowledging his guilt and pleading for forgiveness.

“I truly apologise to the people who have suffered as a result of my actions,” he wrote in the letter.

My previous misbehaviour is unforgivable. It was stuff that could not be forgiven.”

He also expressed regret to his fellow cast members for whatever troubles his previous behaviour may have caused them.

KBS2 has opted to continue filming without Ji Soo as the male lead and will hunt for a replacement, according to reports.

On March 5, KBS2 will issue an official statement. The first eighteen episodes of the 20-part drama have already been shot.

Over 5,000 people signed an online petition to have him removed from the show.

Ji Soo had previously acted in the dramas Scarlet Heart Ryeo and Strong Woman Do-Bong-Soon, as well as the school bullying drama Angry Mom.

River Where The Moon Rises isn’t the only Korean drama to be plagued by complaints of bullying in the past.

Dear M, a KBS drama, has been cancelled after main actress Park Hye-soo was accused of bullying in high school.

Park, who starred in the popular film Samjin Company English Class in 2020, has denied the charges and promised to sue her accusers.

Naeun, a member of the k-pop girl group APRIL, has also been accused of bullying at school, which could hinder her casting in Lee Je-upcoming hoon’s crime action series Taxi Driver.

The charges are being investigated by SBS, the network that is producing the programme.

Jo Byung-Gyu, who starred in Sky Castle, Hot Stove League, Queen for Seven Days, Money Flower, and the Netflix series Uncanny Counter, has been accused of school bullying, prompting requests for him to be removed from future seasons of the show.

He said that the rumours were harmful and that he had initiated legal action against them.

Bullying allegations have recently harmed the careers of k-pop singers like Hyunjin of Stray Kids and singer Hyuna.

Hyunjin took a sabbatical from acting after anonymous claims surfaced in February.

Hyuna, a singer, was accused of bullying in the same month. The allegations have been refuted by her.

River Where the Moon Rises stars Kim So-hyun and Lee Ji-hoon and is based on the Korean folk storey Princess Pyeonggang and On Dal.

The drama was a hit, with nationwide Nielsen ratings hitting 10% in February.

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