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Tianna Chanel Flynn: Know More About Martin Compston Wife


Tianna chanel flynn: Known for her role on the hit NBC series ‘The Office’, Tianna Chanel Flynn is a young actress with plenty of potential. She’s a rising star, who is married to Martin Compston, and has plans to become a mother

In this article we are knowing briefly about Tianna Chanel Flynn, profession, married life, kids and more. So keep reading the article.

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Tianna Chanel Flynn Background

During the course of her career, Tianna Chanel has had her own share of successes and failures.

She has been listed on various real estate sites, has been a cheerleader for the University of Nevada, and has appeared in Nissan Altima ads.

She has also been featured in the Secret Diary of an American Cheerleader web series.

Tianna Chanel has always been a curious and observant person. She has always wanted to be just as great as her mother.

She attended the Advanced Technologies Academy in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she was a cheerleader. She also attended the University of Nevada.

She had a brief stint as a nightclub manager. In 2022, she had made a number of multi-family listings, including 2293 condos and 8612 houses.

Tianna’s father was Irish and her mother is a celebrated member of the US Air Force. Her husband, Martin Compston, is an actor and an anti-corruption detective on the show Line of Duty.

The two have one child together and live in a four bedroom property in Las Vegas.


Currently, Tianna Chanel Flynn is an estate agent in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. She was born in the year 1987. She has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

She has appeared in various television shows and movies. Tianna Chanel Flynn has a public Facebook page with about 5K followers.

She has appeared in the Nissan Altima advertisement, the Nissan commercial, the Secret Diary Of An American Cheerleader and the Nissan commercial.

She has also appeared on How To Get Away with Murder (2014) and the National Television Awards 2021. Tianna has made a cameo appearance in Line of Duty, Series Five.

She has also appeared in the Secret Diary of an American Cheerleader web series. She is a self-proclaimed stuntwoman. She is also an aspiring actress.

She has been married to American actor Martin Compston. She has a son named Brody.

Currently, Tianna Chanel Flynn and Martin Compston reside in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. They have a luxury house worth $416,160.

Marriage to Martin Compston

Despite their young age, Tianna Chanel Flynn and Martin Compston are a happily married couple.

The pair are based in Las Vegas and have a son, Brody. Tianna is a model, stuntwoman, estate agent, and actress, while Martin is a former professional footballer and actor.

Compston and Tianna were married in Greenock, Renfrewshire, in a lavish ceremony. They were followed down the aisle by Martin’s Irish father and his American stepfather.

They tied the knot in a plush Mar Hall. The best man at the wedding was Gianni Capaldi, and the couple also received the wedding rings of Murdo MacLeod and Mhairod McGregor.

Martin Compston grew up in Greenock, Inverclyde, Renfrewshire. He was a professional footballer and captain of the Aberdeen youth team.

He also played in the Ken Loach film The Wee Man and the TV series The Nest Martin. He was also offered a contract by local team Greenock Morton.

The couple met in Los Angeles. They went on to marry in Greenock, Renfrewshire, at the family chapel. Tianna’s mum is a member of the US Air Force.

The couple have a son, Brody, and a dog, Staffie. They live near Tianna’s mum. They have a swimming pool and spa. They live in a four-bedroom house.

Baby bump

During the last week, Line Of Duty star Martin Compston’s wife Tianna Chanel Flynn has been spotted with a baby bump.

The couple have been married since 2016 and have moved to Las Vegas. They have not yet announced the name of their new baby.

Martin Compston is known for his role as DS Steve Arnott on the BBC One show.

He has previously said that he and his wife wanted to have children. He hinted at being ready to have kids in an interview with the Sunday Post.

Martin and Tianna are said to live in a $416,160 luxury house. They also have a Pitbull called King. Tianna’s mum lives two streets away from Compston’s Vegas base.

Martin Compston has a busy schedule. The actor is set to spend a lot of time in the UK next year filming Line of Duty.

He has also been nominated for the National TV Awards. In addition, he has a busy social life. He recently posted an adorable picture of Tianna in a wedding dress.

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