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What Is A Soulmate And How To Know If You Have Met Yours


The idea of finding your soulmate is the stuff of rom-coms, and reportedly also happens to regular, everyday individuals in real life.

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Who Are Soulmates?


According to Dr. Michael Tobin, a soulmate is someone with whom you share a profound connection without feeling reliant or dependent.

In a relationship between soulmates, the guiding idea is that needs are satisfied equally since a soulmate connection should push you to change from selfishness to giving.

According to family and marriage psychotherapist Dr. Michael Tobin, “it’s the recognition that this person with whom you share your life is a part of yourself.” “A soulmate is someone who has a profound effect on your life. You need your soulmate to help you evolve beyond the boundaries of your own self as you go through life together.

How to Recognize Your Soulmate

Dr. Tobin has good news for everyone who is unsure of whether they have found their soul mate or are currently dating their special flame: “I believe everyone could discover their soul mate.

However, in order to meet your soul mate, you must first realize that relationships are not simply a means of satisfying our particular needs, but also a challenge to assist our partners grow and realize their full potential. Humans are not created to be alone.

There is no ideal age or stage of life for finding your soulmate, according to Dr. Tobin, and that is exciting news. He also says that you might not meet your special someone until later in life. “I know a 74-year-old woman who, after a 56-year breakup, got back together with her high school sweetheart. Her soul mate, she calls him. During their later years, they were destined to be together.

You might be wondering if you accidentally met your soul mate while on vacation, at the bus stop, or that time it rained and a stranger asked you to share an umbrella.

Dr. Tobin said, “Yes, this is conceivable.” Timing is everything in life. It’s an issue of knowing oneself, in my opinion. You might be open to the idea of finding your soul mate when you realize that a relationship is crucial to our psychological and spiritual development rather than being about control or the basic need of fulfillment.

There isn’t just one sort of soulmate out there, so recognizing the signals you found your soulmate is interesting in and of itself. The phrase “soulmate” is frequently associated with romantic love.

What kinds of soulmates there are and how to tell whether you’ve discovered one are discussed below.

Types of Soulmates

Not all soulmates are suitable for a lifetime of passion. The following six types are something to watch out for in your own life.

Romantic Soulmates

Dr. Tobin says that romantic soulmates “spark one another’s passion throughout their time together.” They are capable of elevating one another’s physical and emotional pleasure to new heights. But even when we were dating someone who was hot and heavy, we’ve all had breakups. “Passion can be like a blazing, short-lived flame that goes out. For those exceptional love soulmates, the flame never goes out because they’re both dedicated to maintaining the flame throughout their relationship.

Soul Partners

If you reconnect with an elementary school acquaintance after a long absence, you immediately click? According to Dr. Tobin, a soul companion is someone you haven’t seen in a long time but with whom you still feel a strong connection even after being apart.

Karmic Soulmates

When you have the same goals, you’ve found your karmic soulmate. Your skills compliment one another, making you two the perfect companions to carry out a common goal. You’re both here to change the world. This type of relationship doesn’t involve love or intimacy; instead, it depends on giving your all to accomplish something important.

Companion Soulmates

You understand that this is the yin to your yang or the peanut butter to your jelly. “Friends are an important part of our journey throughout life, and those who are of the soulmate variety make us laugh when we are hurt, care for us when we are in need, flow with us when we are feeling good, push us to be authentic, accept us for who we are, and never forsake us in a fit of rage. And we treat them similarly.

Kindred Soulmates

When you and your soul mate basically agree on everything, you’ve met your match. You share similar interests, enjoy the same humor, dispute and agree with love and affection, and compete fiercely but without resentment or jealously. They are all on the same path toward love and truth, according to Dr. Tobin.

Soul Contracts

This form of soulmate is unique because it involves two individuals who share a dedication to speaking the truth, being emotionally honest with one another, owning up to lies, and being authentic. A soul contract might resemble a married couple where one partner has cheated, yet they continue to be together not because of the children or out of duty but because a powerful law of attraction is tying them together for the rest of their lives.

Signs Your Soulmate Has Arrived

There are many various types of soulmates you may meet in your lifetime, and there may be overlap in the indicators you’ve found your soul mate. Creating love and nurturing soulmate connections is, in Dr. Tobin’s opinion, a crucial relationship fact. We don’t receive love because we think we deserve it. To receive love in return, we must work at being loving.

They Impart to You a Sense of Storm and Calm

Indicator lights, according to him, include both calm and stormy feelings. Sometimes a soul mate comes into our lives to challenge us to step beyond of our comfort zones, to encourage us to think and act differently. Never is this easy and tranquil. However, there are and will be times of exquisite connection, calm, and harmony with that same soulmate.

You are sensitive to one another’s suffering

Your response to their suffering is another indication that you’ve found your mate. It’s difficult to think of soulmates who don’t experience grief together, who don’t understand one another’s suffering, or who lack empathy and compassion, according to Dr. Tobin.

In conclusion, Dr. Tobin argues that soulmates “could be like two strands of spaghetti entwined in such a way that they don’t know where one begins and the other ends.” Additionally, some soulmate relationships fulfill their objectives and end. The good news is that at some time in our lives, we may all connect with our soul mate.

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