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Dolce & Gabbana Went Masculine at Milan’s Women’s Fashion Week

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana

Women’s Fashion Week in Milan, Italy, is a highlight for the fashion world. This year, Dolce & Gabbana put a masculine twist on its runway.

The styles were decidedly feminine, but they all had hints of the classic male tuxedo for a nice mix of soft and hard.

The Show Was a Mixture of Extremes

The Dolce & Gabbana runway brought out a lot of variety in the materials and fabrics. Looks included netting and sheer fabrics mixed with satin and touches of lace. There were a few fur coats, puffy polka-dotted blouses and shiny sequins.

Looks ranged from flowing to fitted. Tied skirts were common, but there were also many strappy pieces and plenty of fitted options. Knee-high boots or heels with bows on the toes were complementary to each look.

Shiny faux leather juxtaposed against soft feathers and velvet. There was even a coat with cheetah print.

Most of the looks showed off a lot of skin and featured underwear type pieces that lent a bit of sex appeal to the otherwise formal feeling looks. Yet, there were also outfits offering more coverage that barely showed anything.

The hair was slicked back and simple, with classic red lips on each of the models. It provided a very glamorous feel to the show.

The overall aura of the Dolce & Gabbana show was the classic sleek Italian styling mixed with hints of trendy and urban accents. It was a touch masculine but retained a lot of femininity. The complete collection was fairly dark in coloring, but with pops of muted silver, gold and tan to catch the eye.  The neutral color palette played nicely with the style expected from this brand.

The Looks and a Stunning Conclusion

The show featured 64 unique and custom looks. It began with plays on the traditional tuxedo but twisted them with hints of femininity. Almost every look was mainly black.

The first three looks had tuxedo jacks paired with lace and silk. Bralettes were a huge accompaniment to more traditional jackets and pants. Netted hats were common throughout the show.

The brand also had looks in more feminine styles, such as a lace dress and a sheer skirt. Dolce & Gabbana also offered up a trio of crystal-adorned items, a sheer shirt, a long dress and a pencil skirt. Touches of gold also made its way into the looks.

The brand played with classic style by introducing feathers and wrap-around styling. Netting was very prominent in shirts and skirts. Big, flowy blouses with large tied necklines also hit the runway as the show moved towards its finale.

For the last look, the stunning Naomi Campbell strutted her stuff in a black lacy bralette paired with a split sheer skirt.