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The Hot Priest In ‘Fleabag’ Makes Me Weak at the Knees


Season 2 of Phoebe Waller Bridge’s dark comedy is a wrap on Fleabag’s story with an unusual love story. All praise the Gods. Leigh Blickley And Emma Gray “Fleabag Season 2” is a revelation, an experience of God, and ecstasy. The heart of this “love story”, as Fleabag, anti-heroine Fleabag, labels it to viewers in Season 2’s first episode is a Very Hot Priest.

It’s both funny and sad, but also incredibly romantic. This is Phoebe Waller Bridge, the storyteller who only appears once in a while. This actor/writer, who has performed in “Crashing”, “Killing Eve,” and “Fleabag,” brought a perfect conclusion to a project that started as a one-woman play.

The Hot Priest

Andrew Scott plays The Priest, who some “Sherlock”-lovers might recognize as villain Moriarty. However, The Priest, now referred to by “Fleabag’ fans as Hot Priest, defies stereotypes. He is introduced to us and Fleabag during the Season 2’s first episode at a very awkward family dinner. Fleabag’s dysfunctional and The Priest-like family gather to discuss her father’s marriage to Godmother. (Olivia Colman plays the role in pitch perfect subtle terribleness). The Priest will officiate.

Hot Priest and Fleabag have a close-knit connection. This connection begins as curiosity, and then grows into deep friendship, and ultimately to romantic love. This taboo relationship could easily have been used for shock and titillation, but it is instead used to explore Fleabag’s ability for true intimacy and the powerful pull of unexpected, untimely love.

Emma Gray and Leigh Blickley, senior HuffPost reporters, discuss their obsession with Hot Priest and what makes the final moments of “Fleabag” so beautiful.

Emma Gray

Is it too dramatic for me to say that “Fleabag 2” broke me and brought me back together? It was the first time I saw it, then I went back to watch parts of it again. It hit me in my weakest and most vulnerable areas even the second time. The second and final season of “Fleabag” is a love story but also bittersweet.

It felt so real, despite the somewhat absurd premise that our sex-obsessed and possibly emotionally broken heroine finds love through a Catholic priest, who is also hilarious, insightful, and sexy. Being a Jew, watching “Fleabag,” made me want go to confession, kneel down, and then immediately commit a lot of sins. I don’t think I’m the only one. Andrew Scott’s hot priest is what makes us all so uncomfortable.

Leigh Blickley

I don’t recall the last time I was so sweaty after watching a movie. This storyline was very strange for me at first. I’m Catholic, and I go to church regularly enough. Then I started to embrace the story I was seeing on-screen, which was an examination of love in all its forms.

Hot Priest struggles with his devotion to God and his feelings for Fleabag. Fleabag begins to think about spirituality, while Hot Priest tries to get her to date him. Because it’s forbidden, it’s so complex and intense and sexy. Fleabag and her fourth-wall minions want Fleabag to have what she cannot.

Emma – To desire what we cannot have strikes me to be one of the most basic emotional reactions of humans. It is possible to feel a deep desire in someone or something. Hot Priest is more accessible to Fleabag in some ways than many men she has met. We watched her make reckless decisions throughout Season 1, using “fuckability”, which is the standard society uses to measure women’s self worth, to avoid intimacy and destroy her most important relationships.

Leigh – Season 1 was all about Fleabag’s adventures. We witnessed her reactions to Arsehole Guy and Bus Rodent’s sex quirks. We also saw her masturbating in front of Harry, her hypersensitive boyfriend. Her relationship with The Priest is a different story.

Although she knows that sex is not an option at first, Fleabag quickly falls in love with The Priest and develops a friendship despite their apparent attraction. Fleabag is more vulnerable to The Priest’s inner anxieties and Fleabag also tries to figure out whether he will ever break his celibacy vows.

He comes to love her and she falls for him. How can we be sure of this? He breaks the fourth wall! Hot Priest discovers her secret: She’s going missing somewhere. And that somewhere is right here with us.

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