Home News Hyderabad: Police Constable Vishal Dies Due to Cardiac Arrest

Hyderabad: Police Constable Vishal Dies Due to Cardiac Arrest


On Friday, February 24th of 2023, shocking news came to the fore that left everyone shocked and unprepared. Police constable “Vishal” tragically passed away due to cardiac arrest while exercising in the gym. His co-partners quickly brought him to a nearby medical facility while notifying his family. Below you can explore further details and some unknown facts surrounding his passing.

According to exclusive reports or sources, Vishal passed away at a very young age – an unbearable tragedy that leaves everyone grieving.

But his passing was captured on camera next to the wall at the gym where he lay lifeless a few seconds before succumbing. These few seconds of video show how terrible that stroke truly was that took away his soul.

What Happened to Constable Vishal?

Reportedly, Vishal, a constable, would regularly go to the gym in the morning as per his routine and do his exercises as well.

He lived an active lifestyle before any health complications developed – nothing seemed amiss until one day when suddenly everything changed in an unbearably tragic way and Vishal took his last breaths in that gym.

Everyone present was completely shocked by what transpired that day.

On social networking sites, many are sharing their sorrow and sending condolences to the family in order to sustain themselves through this time of loss.

Amid, some trainers have requested gym rats to pay attention to their body signs during exercise because access to everything can be detrimental – we all pray may his soul rest in peace in Heaven.

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