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Australia Building New Titanic (Titanic 2) Ship



NewTitanic (Titanic 2), a passenger ocean liner that is being built to replace the Olympic-class RMS Titanic, is planned. The new ship will have a gross weight (GT) of 56,000. The original ship was 46,000 gross register tons (GRT). The project was first announced in April 2012 by Clive Palmer, an Australian billionaire. Ltd., Brisbane, Australia.The original launch date  set for 2016, but it was later delayed to 2018, and then 2022.

Ever wondered what it was like to sail on a ship such as the Titanic? A billionaire from Australia is betting that people who  fascinated by the tragic ship will want to sail on it again, minus the tragedy of its sinking. He has a grandiose plan for Titanic II, a exact replica of the original ship. This is what we know so far about the alleged return of this iconic vessel.

Who is Building new Titanic (Titanic 2)

Clive Palmer, a Brisbane-based billionaire, launched Blue Star Line, a company to make a replica Titanic II. He hopes that those who  captivated by Titanic’s story will want to live the ship’s crossing.

The 100th anniversary of Titanic’s fateful maiden voyage from Southampton (England) to New York City  coincided with Palmer’s announcement at a news conference. Built by Belfast-based Harland and Wolff and killing 1,503 people and their crew, the original RMS Titanic was sunk April 15, 1912.

Palmer originally planned to sail in 2016. However, the financial dispute prevented the construction of the ocean liner from moving forward. According to reports, wave testing and design work on an ocean liner model started in the fall 2018.

Blue Star Line spokeswoman said that work on a model of the ocean liner was underway in the fall 2018. Once those contracts are signed, the company will then announce who will build Titanic II as well as the launch date.

New titanic Itinerary

The new ship will follow the same route that Titanic and carry passengers over the Atlantic from Southampton in England to New York City. According to some reports, the ship will sail its first sailing from Dubai to Southampton and then on to New York City.

Titanic 2 Info and Stats

Titanic II will  the largest passenger vessel built in China. This is a country where cargo ships are more common. According to reports, the new ocean liner will be able to accommodate 2,400 passengers and 900 crew members. It will cost approximately $500 million.

The new ocean liner will  equipped with modern navigational tools, a wider vessel for greater stability, and, yes, sufficient lifeboats and vests for all.

It features the same cabin layout as Titanic, with the same interiors, architecture and luxury finishes. The same class categories, First, Second, and Third will all be available.

The vessel’s current state

Palmer announced in November 2018 that Tillberg Design, a Swedish marine architect and design firm, would help him realize his vision. In addition to that, Deltamarin, a Finnish marine engineering company had begun work on the vessel.

Blue Star Line made V.Ships Leisure their official ship management partner for Titanic II in December 2018. They provide technical and hotel operations support as the ship develops.

What is the cost of a sailing on Titanic 2?

Blue Star Line has stated that it will have the ship ready for a 2022 launch, even though you cannot book your stateroom for the cruise across the Atlantic on Titanic II. Although rates have not yet established, it is likely that they will be much higher than the 1912 prices for third-class staterooms, which cost around $40, and first-class berths at $150, respectively, and four Parlor suites at $4,350.

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