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Stephen Fry’s husband Elliott Spencer, His Sexuality?


Stephen Fry’s husband Elliott Spencer: Elliot Spencer is a 36 year old well-known comedian. Elliot is also a keen photographer. Elliot is also known for as a husband of director & comedian Stephen Fry. Today in this article we are going to discuss about Elliott Spencer age, wiki, bio, wedding, relationship and networth.

Who is Elliott Spencer, and what is his story?

Elliott Spencer is a Southampton native who has always aspired to be a comedy.

The 33-year-old has a large circle of pals and hangs out with comedians such as Jimmy Car and David Mitchell.

In 2014, he met Stephen Fry, and they began dating that summer.

Before he and Stephen revealed their relationship to the world, Elliot was known as Mr. E.

When did Elliot marry with Stephen Fry?

The couple married in 2015, and their ages are 30 years apart, with Elliott’s father being the same age as his husband Stephen.

A little Oscar Wilde officiated at the couple’s wedding.

Elliott has gone from strength to strength since marrying Stephen – as have they both.

Elliott has been assisting Stephen in navigating the ups and downs of bipolar disease, and the two of them bring each other joy and brightness.

Because they both enjoy the arts, Elliott has been accompanying Stephen to various shows and exhibitions.

But, perhaps most importantly for Elliott, their travels have allowed him to expand his photography portfolio.

Stephen Fry’s comments on his sexuality?

“I’m not proud because I think being gay is better than being anything else,” Stephen Fry stated in a video for the charity Proud to be. “But I think it’s a lovely thing to be in love and follow your heart.”

“Desire is wonderful, and you should follow whichever gland regulates it.”

“I would never apologize for being born the way I was and feeling the way I do,” he added.

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